Get the Boss to Say ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing

IMG_1431In April, we held the second iteration of our Content Boost Content Marketing Crash Course, a one-day educational seminar providing marketers with the opportunity to learn about content marketing best practices. We led a series of breakout sessions covering everything from the definition of content marketing (hint: using custom content to drive awareness and profitability around your brand) to the key ingredients of a robust blogging and lead-generation strategy.

We rounded out the day with a session titled “Getting the Boss to Say ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing,” designed to equip participants with the ammo needed to walk into their boss’s office and get the green light. Whether you are just starting out on your content marketing journey—or looking to get the “yes” for a new project—let’s take a look at how to get your boss on your side.

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Everything You Need to Know About Using Vine for Content Marketing – Part 1

vineVine – a mobile app acquired by Twitter back in October 2012 – has quickly made its way into our social media schedules and hearts. Whether it’s being used to propose to your significant other (yes, it’s happened) or being leveraged by a business looking to broaden its social media horizons, the app has exploded since its initial release on January 24, 2013. In fact, in less than five months since being introduced to the public, Vine not only became the most used video-sharing application on the market, but also the number one most downloaded free app within the iOS App Store.
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