Is Your Blog Converting Your Consumers?

shutterstock_94805161There are so many signs that I’m a content marketer (thanks for the great list of signs Brooke!). I catch myself wishing I could edit my husband’s texts for grammar, sorry sweetie!; I look at every trade show flyer, TV commercial and digital signage ad and wonder, “Could I have done better?”; and I get ridiculously excited when my number of Twitter followers grows.

I even prefer staying in resorts/hotels/getaways that rely on a robust content marketing strategy. In other words, I’m that person.

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Why Your Vacation Resort Needs Content Marketing

blog pictureFull disclosure: I am a bit of a vacation snob.

I wish I could be like my free-spirited, “I-go-where-the-wind-takes-me” friends; those who are able to practically spend petty cash for their beach vacation by looking up the cheapest motel (sans bed bugs, hopefully) within walking distance to the main beach. I wish I could be like them and overlook busted air conditioners and hostile-like conditions when it comes to lodging.

But I can’t.  That’s because when I go on vacation, my enjoyment comes from the combination of my hotel, the activities, the ambiance and the culture. And I ALWAYS do what I can to ensure that the hefty price tag on my credit card matches the experience.

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