How Do You Talk to an Audience Who Can’t Talk Back?

It’s not enough to just talk to your customers anymore. You have to really see them for who they are. You have to truly understand them and understand your connection to them (or the connection you hope to one day establish with them). What have they experienced in life? What may they be facing now? This is the pinnacle of targeting your audience regardless of the objective – whether it’s raising awareness of a greater cause or generating sales.


One Spanish organization, Fundación ANAR (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk), recently showed that rising above the surface levels of customer relationships may require stepping out of your comfort zone. To really make an impact, the organization had to understand the audience it was attempting to reach – abused children who may not be able to speak up. In light of this, the company created a bus stop advertisement last month that not only augmented general awareness about the prevalence of child abuse, but also displayed a “hidden” message only visible to children at a certain height. By leveraging lenticular photography, ANAR communicated a seemingly invisible message about its child abuse hotline at an angle only seen by the average 10 year-old.

The adult sees the clear face of a young boy accompanied by the message: “Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” Meanwhile, the child sees that young boy’s face with bruises accompanied by the organization’s hotline number and the message: “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.”

While this is a bone-chilling example of how to talk to your target market, it does an excellent job of showing marketers the importance of effectively connecting with a specific demographic. ANAR understood that those who need to see its message are vulnerable, confused and scared, and so it decided to speak to them in a way that was non-invasive yet still urgent. The organization spoke to its audience in way that only they could hear, ultimately giving its message multiple meanings to multiple people.

And not even three weeks since being posted on YouTube, this video has accumulated over 7 million views, which has further helped spread child abuse awareness and awareness of the foundation’s efforts. What do you think about this advertisement?

To learn more about ANAR’s cause, click here.

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