What Content Marketers Can Learn from Today’s Hottest Celebrities

celebrityI don’t know why, but I love talking and hearing about celebrities. Maybe that’s because they’re everywhere we look; whether magazine flipping, channel surfing or driving around, we constantly see their faces sprawled across pages, smiling onscreen or plastered on billboards. And chances are you’re just like me. In fact, I bet the headline of this blog reeled you right in without you even knowing why. Maybe it’s a liking born out of habit. Maybe we’re unaware of our secret addiction. Maybe we’ll never know.

One thing’s for sure though: whatever celebrities are doing – or not doing – oftentimes makes its way into all of our thoughts at some point in time.

Similarly, as content marketers, our primary goal is to stay in our consumers’ and prospects’ heads and to produce and share content that influences. When you put two and two together, it seems like there’s a lot that we can learn from today’s hottest celebrities. Consider that:

  • Google’s top 10 global 2012 searches include Whitney Houston (No. 1), Gangnam Style (No. 2), Kate Middleton (No. 6), Michael Clarke Duncan (No. 9).
  • Yahoo’s top 10 overall 2012 searches include Kim Kardashian (No. 3), Kate Upton (No. 4) Lindsay Lohan (No. 9) and Jennifer Lopez (No. 10).
  • An average Facebook fan page has about 4,500 fans – Rihanna has over 71 million.
  • Facebook fan pages with more than one million fans have nearly 60 times as much fan-generated content as the average page.

Here are some content marketing lessons learned from today’s hottest celebrities:

It’s okay to take risks

It’s been said that if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more. Remember when Jennifer Hudson – an “American Idol” finalist – dove headfirst into an acting career? Stepping outside of what you know and are familiar with can be the best decision you make. Hudson went on to star in Sex and the City, The Secret Life of Bees and even walked with an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls.

Don’t be afraid to share your content through new mediums or to carve out a new niche for yourself in the market.

But don’t be too unconventional

Today’s celebrities are all about the shock factor, but there’s a big difference between being eccentric and disagreeable. Remember tom cruisewhen Tom Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah’s couches and declared his love for Katie Holmes? This bold move landed him on magazine covers and at the top of Web searches for weeks. Now consider “Batman” star Christian Bale, whose film set meltdown in 2009 involved him verbally assaulting a member of the film crew, which was taped and leaked online. While both decisions are conventional, one built a celebrity’s image while the other put a dent in it.

They say that bad publicity is still publicity, but not when it comes to your brand. Remember to always pique your audience’s interest with a tasteful flair for the unusual that complements your company’s initiatives and core competencies.

Don’t get caught in a scandal – or do

From Prince Harry partying a bit too hard in Vegas to Kristen Stewart’s leaked adulterous photos to Milli Vanilli’s lip synching, celebrity scandals are always happening – and they’re being cast into the limelight for all to see. Some scandals are much lighter than others. In fact, some scandals make celebrities even more famous. For example, Milli Vanilli does not say their lip synching hoax – which forced them to return a Grammy Award won back in 1990 – jeopardized their music career at all.

If you’re going to be scandalous with your content marketing strategy, make sure it will help rather than hurt you.

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