SMS Marketing Isn’t Dead, and I’ve Got the Proof That Says So

messageI never in a million years thought that text message marketing was still a “thing.” Oh, but it is. It is a very real thing. I didn’t come to realize this fact until I became part of an SMS marketing campaign that was executed perfectly. Allow me to tell you the story of how I was awakened to the world of text message marketing potential.

It all started at a bar…

I am among a group of fellow 20-somethings on a Saturday night in New York City. On a quest for a new spot to settle at, we come across Johnny Utah’s, a bar on West 51st Street that was not too far from Grand Central Station. Right off the bat, there were many things about this bar that would attract almost anyone’s attention; a mechanical bull, insane happy hour specials and a well-stocked menu. After enjoying time with close friends, filling out my contact information to ride the bull (of course I had to ride the bull) and staying out into the late hours of the night, I happily head home.

One week later, I receive a text message from an unknown number. Confused but nonetheless intrigued, I open the text to see that it’s an advertisement for Johnny Utah’s upcoming Cinco De Mayo party promoting $4 margaritas and other festive specials. The company must have added my phone number to its text messaging list from the contact sheet I filled out the other week. The only thing preventing me from going was being tied down to plans back home at Connecticut that weekend.

Two weeks later I get another Johnny Utah’s text message: “It may be down pouring, but Johnny Utah’s is wide open! Come in for open bar from 7-9.”

Hmm…now that’s interesting. The company integrates real-time elements into its marketing campaign. I’m starting to wish more and more that I lived in the city so I could hop a train and head over to Johnny Utah’s.

The text messages – which were nothing short of tactful, relevant and well-crafted – continued in that fashion. Every few weeks I would get a message and sigh knowing that I would most likely not be able to enjoy the bar’s latest offer; however, I recommended the spot to my sister who lives in Washington Heights and my best friend who lives in Midtown.

Because of Johnny Utah’s SMS marketing campaign, it obtained one Connecticut fan who will always stop in when nearby and acquired two potential customers.

What do you think about the state of SMS marketing?

3 responses

  1. Wow very informative article! I’m excited about this SMS or mobile marketing technique. This will help you increase repeat business, drive new customers to your website and for every text inquiry; the dealer generates A Real-Time Lead.

  2. Social media may be an effective medium for large multinationals but on a smaller scale, text message marketing clearly wins the race. This simple medium gives small business owners an opportunity to advertise their business on a budget. The message is also delivered more efficiently and this creates a more personalized relation between customer and business.

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