What Marketers Can Learn From Food Blogs

blogpictureOn the nights when I don’t have plans with friends, I find myself searching for new food recipes online to make for my family. I’m no Top Chef, but I know my way around the kitchen. While reading my favorite food blog “Not Without Salt,” I got thinking: marketers can learn a lot from food blogs. Not only are they instructional, informative and easy to read, but they’re entertaining and engaging— all things that we as marketers should keep in mind while blogging.

Below are some friendly suggestions to keep in mind next time you blog:

  • Lend a helping hand: Creating content that’s accessible and relatable is key. With most food blogs, authors like to add in personal information, interesting side notes and expert tips on how to do things best. Keep this in mind when blogging. Whether you’re explaining how to use a product or providing simple tips and tricks, outline content in the most basic way so readers don’t get lost in translation.
  • Make your readers feel important: It’s common for food bloggers to request feedback from readers on what to cook next. Apply this same concept to your blogging strategy. Ask your audience for suggestions pertaining to what they want to read or learn about. If you notice a reoccurring suggestion, then chances are it’s something your marketing team should consider exploring. Readers love feeling connected to a brand, so let them contribute.
  • Match pictures with content: Almost every food blog uses an array of pictures as they act as a good reference when you do not know what it means to “Julienne” vegetables or how they might want you to “fold” the item into the mixture. When applicable, use pictures to help enhance your post whether it’s in the form of charts, infographics or graphs.

Make readers feel connected by creating content that’s relatable, accessible, helpful and, more importantly, engaging. For more tips and tricks on how to create a killer blog post, explore our blog or sign up for our eNews here.

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