Is Your Brand Overdue for a Social Media Audit?

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of managing your social media accounts: overseeing campaigns, responding to customer questions, posting content…the list goes on. But as with anything, it’s necessary every so often to take a step back and get a 360-degree view of your efforts at large.

social-367943_640So what do you look for from your social media audit? Here are a few places to start:

What content drove the most engagement? You probably post a variety of content to your social media channels. Take a hard look at what’s driving your followers and friends to engage. Is it links to your blog posts? Dig further – what keywords or topics are resonating and leading users to click? Posting photos? Which ones are getting the most likes, retweets, and favorites? Looking at what’s driving engagement will help you identify what is resonating with users, better identify their needs and interests, and build your audience with highly relevant content.

What are people saying about your brand? Don’t forget the importance of listening. It’s something that should be incorporated into your daily strategy! If it’s not, make sure you take a look at it once a week at minimum. See what your customers are saying, what their sentiment is, what your competition is doing and saying. Respond to customers accordingly and make changes to your business or marketing strategy as needed.

Is your messaging aligning with your goals? Every strong social media presence has a strategy that goes along with it. Make sure your goals are clear and your messaging and content is aligned with these goals.

Are any platforms not working for you? All too often, I hear “But everyone is on this social network! I need to be here.” Well you don’t. If it’s not working for your brand, why suck your valuable time away from the platforms that are making an impact?

What measurement tools are you using – and are they working? There are tons of social media monitoring and measuring tools available that are specifically designed to make your workload easier. You will love some and you will find little value in others. Find what makes sense for you and ditch the rest.

Has anything changed? This one is pretty obvious, but worth a mention. Is all the information on your profiles correct and up-to-date? Has Twitter changed their layout and stretched out all your photos in the process? Does that campaign that ended last week still have a cover photo posted on Facebook? Make sure everything is correct and lookin’ sharp.

Go ahead, run your social media audit daily, weekly, or monthly. You may be surprised by what you find.

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