Content Boost Returns for Content Marketing Workshops at ITEXPO 2015

As the Northeast experiences reportedly one of the worst snow storms in the region’s history, our team kicked off Content Boost’s highly-anticipated Content Marketing Workshops today at ITEXPO 2015, taking place now through January 30 in sunny Miami, Florida.

Our team returned for Content Boost’s second annual workshop series after a rousing debut at last year’s event. This year’s series, consisting of three half-hour workshop presentations, offers compelling new market research, fresh new use cases, and a comprehensive four-week plan that attendees can leverage to get their content marketing strategies immediately off the ground post-event.

CB workshop

Our Digital Content Editor Eric Lebowitz led this morning’s series by discussing content marketing fundamentals in: “Content Marketing 101: Back to the Basics,” divulging just what content marketing is and why it matters.

At Content Boost, we define content marketing as an integrated marketing strategy that involves crafting and sharing relevant, customized copy to drive profitability and brand awareness. With research showing that content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing (i.e. print, radio, television ads) yet generates about three times more leads in comparison, content marketing has become absolutely critical for companies looking to build a flourishing marketing strategy, Eric said.

Eric listed five key ways that businesses can begin immediately benefitting from content marketing:

  • Drives profitability
  • Improves customer acquisition/retention
  • Augments brand awareness
  • Improves SEO
  • Bolsters thought leadership

After Eric educated the audience on the content marketing basics, I took to the stage to guide attendees on how to get the “yes” from the C-suite for investing in content marketing. Specifically, I encouraged attendees to take four actionable steps: absorb and assess the state of their organization’s current marketing strategy; assess what their competitors are doing; determine a budget for their company; and prove the ROI of content marketing.

I broke these steps up into a four-week plan that attendees could take home with them to ensure they get the “yes.” For example, for weeks one and two:

  • Week One: Spend this time in self-introspection; what content vehicles are you using? How often are you blogging and/or producing fresh copy
  • Week Two: Now that you know what your company can improve upon, spend time observing what your competitors are doing right to prove that they are all in with content marketing. For instance, did you know that 78 percent of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing?

Last but not least was our Director of Content Marketing Carrie Majewski, who presented the final workshop titled, “I Got the Content Marketing ‘Yes’: So, How do I Get Started?”

Carrie urged attendees to keep three goals top of mind when getting started with content marketing: drive emotion, tell a story and create a WOW experience. “You want your content to evoke emotions in your audience that leaves them remembering the experience for months, even years, to come,” she said. So how do you cultivate this WOW experience? Carrie suggests taking four steps:

  1. Set your outcomes wish list: Define your goals by determining what you want, where you want to go and what resources you will need to take you there.
  2. Craft an integrated marketing strategy: Determine your vehicles (i.e. social, blogging, whitepapers, podcasts) choose your audience, build out an online distribution/editorial calendar and get started!
  3. Assemble your A-team: Build your team of rock stars by first discerning whether to keep your content marketing efforts in-house or go with a co- or out-source your strategy.
  4. Pinpoint your measurement strategy: What metrics will you use to measure your success?

If you’re joining us in Miami, be sure to stop by Content Boost’s Booth #927 to receive a free on-site branding assessment from our editorial team before the show ends Friday!

bio picAllison Boccamazzo is a writer of many shapes and sizes. She is seasoned in the art of story-telling (she is currently working on getting her novel published) and, as Managing Content Producer at Content Boost, loves telling the tales of unique and unusual brands. When Allison is not managing content and serving as a brand advisor for her clients, she can be found (shamelessly) Netflixing, kickboxing or brainstorming new DIY projects for her apartment. Allison previously worked at “HGTV Magazine” and “Folio Literary Management.” She graduated Cum Laude from Assumption College with a degree in Writing and Mass Communications.