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Facebook Emotional Experiment Draws Ire from Users: What’s the Marketing Takeaway?

shutterstock_185616656It was so inconspicuous you could have missed it, particularly if you rarely post Facebook status updates or comb your newsfeed. It was such a minor change that even the most diehard users would not have taken notice.

But now the word is out: in early 2012, almost 700,000 users were randomly selected for a Facebook psychological experiment. The premise was simple. Facebook set out to alter the number of positive or negative posts users saw in their newsfeeds to see what effect this change had on the tone of the posts the recipients then wrote in their own status bars. Perhaps as one might expect, researchers found that moods were contagious: those who were inundated with a series of optimistic posts responded by sharing positivity of their own in their statuses while those who were saturated with negativity expressed the same dejection in their own posts.

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Looking to Increase Your Brand Exposure on Facebook?

Current Status

Facebook is an ever-evolving network, as are all other widely adopted social media channels. Enhancements to appearance, navigation and, most importantly, presentation of content, are constantly being evaluated and tweaked. Within the past six months, Facebook has focused on delivering what it considers high-quality content to the end users. Meanwhile, organizations with Facebook pages have seen a decrease in the number of impressions per post. By changing the newsfeed algorithm, Facebook is providing organizations with few choices (one of which is to pay) to have their content be seen, even by their “fan” base.

It’s not that the quality of your content has gone down, or that your users aren’t interested in what you have to say. As marketers we need to guarantee that our content is seen and shared by our audience.


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