Companies Creating Holidays to Boost Content Marketing Strategy

Back To School SaturdayI’m one of those people who treat magazines like a lengthy novel. When I check my mailbox for my monthly subscription, I spend hours glazing the pages looking for the latest fashion tips and life advice.  Whether it’s Vanity Fair, Glamour or stealing a quick peek at the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, I love a good magazine.

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What Content Marketers Can Learn from Pope Francis’ Twitter Account

Move over Barack Obama – there’s a new sheriff in the Twittersphere.

twitter debate

The leader of the free world has been overthrown by the Vatican’s newly elected Pope Francis, who now stands as the world’s most influential leader on Twitter. The President of the United States still ranks among the top of influential world leaders, though, currently boasting over 34 million Twitter followers (and who can forget when he obliterated Twitter statistics with his iconic “Four more years” tweet during the 2012 U.S. election?)

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Giving Certain Parts of Your Business a Social Media Voice

When it comes to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, your gut reaction is to create several corporate accounts. So for example, if you are Dunkin Donuts your Twitter handle is @DunkinDonuts; if you are Walmart, your business Facebook page is simply Walmart. But have you ever thought about whether you can brand integral parts of your company—like your flagship offerings, company mascot or brand caricature?

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Three Effective Content Marketing Lessons from Your Favorite Scary Movie

I love scary movies.

Of all the summer blockbusters in theaters this summer, the one I most early anticipated was The Conjuring. When I finally got to the movie theatre – five minutes late and forced to sit in the neck-craning third row – I spent half the movie curled in a ball; heart racing, palms sweating and uncomfortably squirming as I peeked through my fingers ready to cover my eyes at a moment’s notice. Yet as soon as the credits rolled, I was grinning ear-to-ear, laughing at my own ridiculousness and confidently claiming I knew what would happen the whole time. It was only later that night in the solitude of my own room that visions of the movie had me clutching my comforter over my head for protection… And still, I love scary movies.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

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Three Reasons You Should Jumpstart Your Holiday Content Marketing Campaign in July

julyI know, I know…the last thing you want to hear during the peak of summer is the word “Christmas.” For those of us who experience a traditional summer season (between the months of June to September), we have been spending our days in a hot haze of sand, sun and tanning. However, for content marketers, this could be prime time for getting customers to begin thinking about the most wonderful – and expensive – time of the year.

While your target audience is currently bikini clad and relaxing poolside, there are several ways your brand can begin boosting its holiday spirit with content marketing. Let’s take a look at three reasons why you should get into the content marketing holiday spirit right now.

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How Healthy is Your Marketing Strategy?

PediatricianIt’s something we all dreaded as a child, the back-to-school physical. Not only did the annual checkup mean summer was coming to an end, but it also marked the beginning of a new school year. This year, thousands of children across the country will visit their pediatrician in hopes of getting an A in health.

For parents, finding the right pediatrician with an all-star reputation, extensive experience and deep knowledge base is like striking gold. In fact, 94 percent of prospective patients said reputation is important in hospital selection. While in the past, parents found their pediatrician through referrals from friends and family, today’s tech-savvy parents are turning to the Internet to find the best doctor in town. This begs the question; does your practice have a healthy online presence?

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5 Content Marketing Statistics That Your Boss Can’t Ignore

Mr. Burns

Last week we gave you three reasons your boss would say ‘yes’ to content marketing to help you work up the nerve to march down to the corner office and propose a content marketing initiative.

Hopefully your boss saw the light and you’re busy developing a killer content marketing plan with his or her full support.

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Lowes Lends a Helping Hand with Awesome Content Marketing Campaign

Lowes Vine VideosLet me start by saying that I don’t consider myself handy by any means (when I need a quick fix, my father always taught me that there’s nothing like some strong duct tape to do the trick). That’s exactly why Lowe’s “Fix In Six” campaign caught my attention. Before I knew it, the initiative – which leverages the power of Vine to share quick how-to and fix it videos – had me itching to snap on some protective goggles and get my hands on a few power tools.

I quickly realized that Fix In Six – a Tumblr blog displaying the Vine videos – could come quite in handy for those working around the house.  Ever use a Post-It to catch the dust from drilling a hole in your wall? A potato to remove a broken light bulb? Cinnamon to keep bugs out of your sandbox?

Absolutely brilliant.

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Why Your Online Savings Company Needs Content Marketing

online savingsEveryone can afford to save more money.

Whether you’re a fresh college grad looking to save some change before those student loans kick in, a full-time working adult trying to establish a financial safety net or a more seasoned individual looking to secure a financial future after retirement, storing away your savings is top of mind during every stage of living. This has sent nearly everyone on the hunt for the perfect organization to bank on (pun intended) to keep their money safe while they stack it.

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