A Tale of Two Companies and How Each Captured My Heart

Hi, my name is Allison Boccamazzo and I’m a Kate Spade addict. I’m a LUSH addict, too. I tried good and hard to give them up, but I just can’t. And so here I am, writing (yet again) about how amazing these companies’ customer service – and content marketing strategies – are. I swear to you that there’s no paid advertising going on here. This is just the simplistic power of content marketing coupled with superior customer service.

My relationship with these two companies escalated quickly and blissfully, like going out to dinner with a complete stranger on a sporadic Saturday night to falling head over heels by the time you reach the front door. In an effort to explain to you how to capture your customers’ hearts, I have to explain how these two companies consistently knock it out of the park for me. And, in turn, why I’m always willing to open my wallet for them.

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Anthropologie: A Master in Fashion and Content Marketing

I have to give it up to fashion retailer Anthropologie. Not only does the fabulously quirky retailer offer today’s best fashion designs, but the company has mastered the art of content marketing. Blogs, videos, photo galleries, social media – you name it, Anthropologie has it. The fashion maven offers its customers custom creative content across a multitude of platforms, which has undoubtedly placed the brand ahead of the curve.

Let’s take a look at three ways Anthropologie has built its success using content marketing, as well as some helpful tips you can implement into your very own marketing strategy.

anthro 1All about the Customer

Knowing their customers’ wide-range of interests, Anthropolgie’s blog “Anthro” is the go-to spot for the latest trends in everything fashion and culture. From “The Perfect Sunday Dinner Outfit” to the “Ultimate Road Trip Playlist” to “Designer Spotlights” to “The Summer Sendoff Margarita,” Anthro has a diverse mix of content for every type of customer.

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Even Horse ebooks Has a Content Strategy

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Internet phenomenon that has been the apple of Google Search’s eye over the last 24 hours. Of course, we’re talking about Horse ebooks. In a perplexing occurrence, Horse ebooks went from being barely recognized one day to sole obsession of the mass public the next – with myself included. And if you’re anything like me, you had – or perhaps still have – no clue as to what Horse ebooks even is.

Just so you’re no longer in the dark, Horse ebooks is a widely perceived spam Twitter account which was originally intended to promote ebooks. However, the ways in which the account did this were particularly unconventional and included odd –albeit amusing – non sequiturs. These non sequiturs (see below) were apparently an effort to evade spam detection, which results in the shutdown of an account. The account also tweeted multiple times per day – most of which receive hundreds of re-tweets and favorites.

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Why This Bride Thinks Your Venue Needs a Content Marketing Strategy

weddingI’m going to be really candid; after all, isn’t that what blogging is all about? If you are in the hospitality industry—I’m talking hotels, resorts, restaurants or event planning—you need to have a blog. And, more importantly, you need to make sure it works.

Though you already know this, it is important to always remember that you are in perhaps one of the most competitive industries out there. From hosting conference parties to networking events to catered dinners, there is no end to the service you provide an ever-growing base. And I haven’t even touched upon the wedding facet of your business yet.

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Why the Hospitality Industry Needs Content Marketing

hotelYou’d think the hospitality industry is far from suffering a dip in revenue (there’s always someone out there who needs a place to stay, right?), But apparently, the global hospitality industry is amidst a flux. According to Ernst and Young’s new “Global Hospitality Insights: Top Thoughts for 2013” report, the demand growth outpaced the industry’s supply growth for 2010, 2011 and 2012, and it’s expected to do just the same for 2013. There are clearly some very wide holes in this industry that need to be filled – especially if those invested want to see steadier growth and a healthier revenue stream.

The answer is just as clear: content marketing.

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Want Better SEO Rankings? Create Better Content

SEO - Search engine optimizationJust when you thought you finally understood today’s SEO best practices, Google unleashes another animal from its cage and totally flips what you thought you knew upside down. While you can curse the Google Gods and swear never to use the search engine again, it won’t do you any good. Face it; in a world in which 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, you need Google and Google needs you.

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From the Prehistoric Age to the Social Media Craze: Marketing Comparisons and Similarities

Imagine for a moment being a caveman in the prehistoric times. You’re creating cave paintings and sending out drum and smoke signals to effectively communicate or relay messages to your community or those around you. It could take days or weeks for your message to be properly relayed – if it gets relayed at all.

It’s almost unfathomable to think that at the time, these were the most sophisticated methods of communication available. Believe it or not, but today’s modern marketing methods still cling close to these prehistoric roots in some pretty notable ways. Of course, they can differ just the same, as depicted by an infographic from Optimal Targeting released today.

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Why Every Industry Needs Content Marketing

I was recently walking through a pet store, when I happened to stop to look at a tank of rare Japanese Snapping Shrimp. Noticing my perplexed expression, an attendant walked over and asked if I had any questions about the rare bottom-dwelling specimen.

It was while the attendant was explaining how the Japanese Snapping Shrimp could easily be confused with a Mantis Shrimp due to the sound it makes when its pincher opens and closes that it hit me: I had a ton of questions. In fact, I could not tell you anything about shrimp. And in the process, I realized a critical thing: content marketing can be used in absolutely every industry.
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Are the Right People in the Room for Your Content Marketing Pitch?

blog picIt might have just been minutes before Content Marketing World keynoter William Shatner took the stage to round out the three-day event, but one overarching message that Cisco’s Senior Marketing Manager Tim Washer shared with a packed room during his breakout really stuck. He advised marketers to make sure you have the right people in the room during creative meetings—and to keep naysayers out of initial brainstorming sessions. Continue reading “Are the Right People in the Room for Your Content Marketing Pitch?”

Content Marketing Lessons Learned from the World’s Smartest People

geniusIt’s what we’ve always wanted to hear: we may have more in common with the world’s smartest people than we think.

I was surfing the Web this morning when I stumbled upon an infographic from NowSourcing showing the good and bad habits of the world’s smartest people and it got me thinking, “This has a lot to do with content marketing.”

Sure, these guys may be well above your IQ level (the average IQ is 100, while this group is above “Genius” and “Extraordinary Genius”), but the positive habits and behavioral traits they display could show us a lot about how we should be mapping out our content marketing strategies. Some of these are a bit more evident than others, yet they are nonetheless important to remember.

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