3 Tips to Keep Your Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy on Track

Social media and content marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly – they’re just better together. We spend loads of time and energy creating content that is valuable to our readers. So how do we ensure this content gets into the right hands? Social media can be a perfect solution.

Once you have content to share, it’s important to use this as efficiently and effectively as possible. What are the results? Better SEO, higher brand engagement, and increased brand awareness to name a few.

Here are some tips to stay on the right track with social media and content marketing:

  • Have a plan – this includes an editorial calendar for all content, a plan to execute your social media strategy, and a goal of what you’d like to accomplish.
  • Interact – social media is a perfect place to connect with others. Start a conversation, offer valuable content, create a poll, run a contest and make sure almost all of your social media posts encourage engagement. When you share your content, try to do so in a way that speaks to your audience, not at them.
  • Analyze – the only way to find out if your strategy is effective, and that’s to analyze. Not sure where to start? Try these 5 free tools. If something isn’t working, take a look at the quality of both your content and your social media strategy, modify and try again.

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Hey Coca-Cola, Will You Go With Me to Prom?

Ah prom season. That beloved time of year when the smell of newly pressed tuxedos, overly-sequined dresses and high school desperation fills the air. That time of year in which moms and dads fork over large wads of cash for ostentatious limos and after parties. And, most importantly, that time marketers clamor for all year long.

That’s because prom season is a marketer’s dream. From the dress boutiques to the limousine companies to the airbrush tanners and makeup artists, marketers in almost every industry are trying to capitalize on the centuries-long tradition that is prom.

And why shouldn’t they? Teenagers are such a powerful group, influencing spending habits and store preferences. In fact, a recent survey from TRU Insights revealed that the purchasing power of teens—ages 12 to 19 years old—has reached $819 billion globally. Moreover, 81 percent of teenage girls recently reported that they are more likely to purchase something if their friend already has.

Prom season can be a marketer’s best date or worst nightmare; it all depends on how you try to capitalize on this iconic time of year.

shutterstock_85907128One company that has taken a wonderfully subtle approach to prom marketing is Coca-Cola. On May 29, the soft drink vendor posted a photo from an ‘80s prom. The caption—”Fun fact: in 20 years that Coke is the only thing that won’t look outdated in your prom picture.” Take a look by clicking here.

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For Netflix, There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

There’s always money in the banana stand.

So says George Bluth, the patriarch of the well-to-do, quirky family chronicled in Arrested Development, a sitcom which ran quietly on FOX between 2003 and 2006 but developed a rabid cult following its cancellation. In the years following, rumors of a fourth season and a movie in the works popped up time and again. Then finally, in 2011, Netflix agreed to license and exclusively distribute a fourth season through its streaming network.

That entire season’s 15 episodes were released on May 26. Continue reading “For Netflix, There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand”

Fresh Content! That’s the ticket!

A parking ticket is like a mosquito bite.  It’s annoying, it itches, it lingers and it leaves a scab, or a dent in your wallet, if you scratch too much.  The funny thing is if you ignore the itch and don’t scratch it, the mosquito bite fades away pretty quickly. Summer is coming; you should try it.

The problem with a parking ticket is if you ignore the ticket, it will definitely not fade away.

Fast forward to six months after ignoring my ticket. I now have a $100 dollar fine and am standing in a line with 170 other people that decided to also ignore their ticket.  We are all facing the same direction and have that blank stare of desperation as if a guillotine was waiting to take us out of this misery. I look around after the mullet of the guy in front of me stops being hilarious and notice that the walls of the courthouse are chipping, the smell is musty, the area is dark and gloomy and the officers look bored out of their mind.  It is nine in the morning on a Tuesday and the ticket booth is open but the courtroom has yet to open its doors.

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Teens Starting Mass Exodus from Facebook, What this Means for Your Business

I recently read an article about how teens are increasingly leaving Facebook. Aside from the un-cool factor of their parents (and even grandparents) being on it, teens have also stated that it is becoming too much of a popularity contest and taking up too much time.

Explains 14-year-old Casey Schwartz in the article: “I’ll wake up in the morning and go on Facebook just … because. It’s not like I want to or I don’t. I just go on it. I’m, like, forced to. I don’t know why. I need to. Facebook takes up my whole life.”

Is it just a matter of time before Facebook becomes the new MySpace and begins to quickly plummet, or can Facebook regain its cool-factor?

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Are You Encouraging a Two-Way Dialogue with Your Stakeholders?

Have you visited SocialMedia Examiner yet? If you are in the digital marketing space and have not yet done so, do yourself a favor and pay the site a visit. The “guide to the social media jungle” covers a variety of pertinent topics for marketers, from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to LinkedIn to the more broad-speaking “How on Earth do I weave social media into my content marketing strategy?”

Today’s top post, titled “26 Ways to Create Engaging Content” by Debbie Hemley could not be more dead on. Hemley explores the chief strategies for getting readers to engage with your copy—from injecting timely data to identifying keywords for optimization purposes to honing content objectives. My personal favorite? Encouraging a two-way conversation.

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What Inspires You? Memorial Day Traffic Lines?

shutterstock_118633888There’s nothing worse than hitting traffic on your way home, following a chaotic, nightmarish-type of day.  After all, you are tired and hungry, debating whether you have any sort of energy left to head to the gym and all you can do is stare at the bumper in front of you.

Well yesterday, the traffic got to me. I may only live 6.1 miles from work but even I had had enough of staring at “Baby on Board” and “If You Can Read This, You are Following Too Close” stickers. So I did what any true New Yorker does and made friends with the shoulder lane until I found the exit.

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A “Pin” Says A Thousand Words

When Pinterest exploded onto the scene a few short years ago, users instantly became hooked – I know I did. I submitted my request to join and eagerly waited for the confirmation to hit my inbox. I was, and still am, easily sucked into the site for longer periods of time than I’d like to admit.

The premise of the site is quite simple: you “pin” images you like from other sites —from tablets to wedding dresses to sporting equipment—to have a central location of items you want to revisit for later use. You can also re-pin images that other users have posted and follow other users. So why has the site seen so much popularity and growth over the last few years?

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Squeaky Clean Content

My monthly car wash ritual is the same every time. I plan for the entire process to take 20 minutes tops, in and out. After the interior vacuuming is said and done and the wet wipe is quickly applied to the interior, the half way mark is purchasing the “new car” scented tree.  The final part is easy; just pull up to the grumpy underpaid worker holding an insane amount of dollar bills, pay and tip him and I’m out.  Seems simple right?Not today. A new overly energetic college kid jumped in front of my car and skipped his way to my window to immediately inform me of the four choices they now offer. The ultimate wash (guaranteed for seven days!); the wheel blaster wash; the clear coat application wash; and the rust protector wash (or the basic water and soap wash).

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Why Content Marketing Makes Sense

If you had the choice to interrupt your customers or to provide them with enriching content which just so happened to capture their attention, which would you choose?

Such is the difference between traditional marketing—billboards, radio spots, television commercials and newspaper ads—and content marketing. Whereas the former aims to grab a hold of the viewer’s attention for a brief moment, the latter seeks to provide the same viewer with multiple forms of valuable content in order to help build and grow a long-term relationship. Traditional marketing is expensive and provides not much more than a distraction. Content marketing offers valuable information and entertainment which lasts longer and can be shared on social networks with ease.

In light of this, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that businesses are increasingly looking toward upping their content marketing efforts. According to Jonathan Lister, who oversees the North American advertising sales and operations for LinkedIn, 18.9 percent of marketers focused primarily on content marketing in 2012. In 2013, that number has jumped to 34.8 percent. Continue reading “Why Content Marketing Makes Sense”