Three Ways to Keep Your Content Team Invigorated This Holiday Season

shutterstock_147855167Everybody loves the holidays. Between the surplus of savory sweets and the extra days off to spend with family, this magical time of year gives everyone that indescribable glow and something to smile about. But it can also leave your workers feeling unmotivated, distracted, and altogether lazy.

And while some facets of work can take a back seat the next few weeks, your blog cannot. Already 65 percent of businesses that have a blog haven’t updated their blog in one year or more. All it takes is a few bad weeks of ignoring your blog and you can quickly be heading down a similar road.

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How Product Packaging Can Effectively Become a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketers are always on the lookout for the next best thing to help them ramp up their content marketing strategy; however, one avenue they may not have considered traveling down is product packaging. The actual packaging that your product is delivered in can be optimized for content marketing purposes, and a few designers excellently prove this. Recently, BuzzFeed listed a few brilliantly designed packaging ideas that blew my mind as a content marketer. Maybe they will help inspire you or your product development team on new ways to reinvent the wheel, too.

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How Jean Claude Van Damme Can Revitalize Your Brand

In today’s world of viral videos, marketers are put in the unique position of knowing that if they create something that’s clever and one-of-a-kind, there’s at least a remote possibility that content can spread across the Internet like a wildfire. And recently, there’s at least one video that has done precisely that.Bloodsport-3

Creating an ad to showcase the precision steering and accuracy of its fleet line, Volvo released a video earlier this month featuring Jean Claude Van Damme. The commercial starts with a close up on the 53-year-old actor’s face and torso and slowly zooms out to reveal that he’s standing on the rearview mirrors of two adjacent trucks, which are traveling slowly in reverse. Continue reading “How Jean Claude Van Damme Can Revitalize Your Brand”

Three Content Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2014

shutterstock_160206998I don’t know about you, but I gave up on the whole New Year’s resolution thing awhile ago. It’s not that I wasn’t keeping my resolutions; it was that I found it much more impactful to do a self-reflection at the end of every year and think more thematically about the type of person I want to be as opposed to one or two things to tackle for the upcoming year. After all, it feels silly to say things like “I will eat more spinach in 2014” and more aspiring to say “I will be a more health-conscious.”

The end of the year is not only an opportune time for you to personally reflect on areas you would like to improve upon, but it’s also a critical time to encourage your business to ask those ever-important questions. As a marketer, there are a multitude of strategies and tactics you can implement in 2014, so to help you navigate your best course, here are a couple of key questions to get you started: Continue reading “Three Content Marketing Questions to Ask Yourself Before 2014”

Three Quick Tips for Retailers to Optimize Their Mobile Holiday Content Marketing Strategy

mobile holidayThis year’s holiday season lines up on the calendar so that it is six days shorter than usual. For consumers, being just a week shy of the regular holiday hustle may mean less stress and a quicker winter season; however, for retailers, this shortcoming represents the potential disturbance of their annual holiday profits. In fact, these six days could potentially cost retailers $1.5 billion in lost sales, according to a new survey commissioned by Adobe Digital Index.

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Holiday Shopping Made Easy with Social Media

Santa Carrying Shopping BagsSearching for the perfect holiday gift to spoil yourself or that special someone? Instead of scouring hundreds of stores only to come up short, try checking out your social media feeds for some holiday shopping inspiration.

According to a recent infographic by Crowdtap, a collaborative social marketing platform, almost 65 percent of shoppers use social media to search for gifts, while 70 percent purchase items they’ve found on social media. Moreover, social media and peer recommendations have proven to have an enormous influence on the habits of holiday shoppers.

In fact, 90 percent of recently surveyed participants said they trust social media recommendations more than any other form of advertising, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Shopping for holiday gift ideas on social media is like having all your closest friends shopping with you except there are no long lines, pesky salespeople, or crowds of unruly shoppers.

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Twitter’s New Feed: What Do You Think?

followmeTo answer my own question, I don’t like it. Well, let me rephrase that: the consumer in me doesn’t like it. The marketer in me? Well, I think it is gold.

Let’s back track for a moment. Just a few days ago, Twitter announced that it is launching a new initiative to make tweets even more visual. As you will recall, if you previously embedded a video or picture with your tweet, it would show up as a link, teasing a Twitter user to click on the link to figure out what the visual would be. But now, Twitter wants to make it “easier” for everyone to enjoy what the company refers to as “those great moments you share on Twitter.”

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What’s in a Name? What’s in a Brand?

shutterstock_112457309Confession… I am having a bit of an identity crisis. Let me backtrack.

I have just come off of what can only be described as the best two weeks of my life. On October 26, in front of our beloved family and friends, a beautiful sunset and a birch wood, fall-colored altar, my husband and I (still so strange to say that!) said, “I do.” It was the beautiful culmination of five incredible years of dating, one long year of planning and countless well wishes over the last few months. And it truly was, as everyone predicted, the best day of my life.

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