Debunking Content Marketing Falsehoods – Part One

Some of my favorite articles are those that expose commonly circulated fallacies and pull back the curtain to reveal the truth. For example…

The lie: Artificial sweeteners are safe sugar replacements. The truth: Studies have actually found that those who use artificial sweeteners are more likely to gain weight then those who consumer caloric sweeteners.

The lie: You should stretch before you exercise to avoid injury. The truth: Conversely, researchers have found that stretching before exercising can actually slow your body down, resulting in a five percent reduction of efficiency.

When ubiquitous “truths” are circulated and then subsequently debunked,  you are oftentimes left flabbergasted and befuddled—but then you realize that a world of possibilities opens up. After all, maybe you can start traipsing around in the cold with a wet head and not get sick. Perhaps your dog is not really as old as you think he is, as dogs do not age at seven years per one human year. And, maybe, just maybe,you can in fact have that ice cream sundae minutes before jumping into the pool.

content marketing strategyPerhaps no space has more misconceptions flying, however, than the content marketing one.  Marketers claim to know all the statistics and best practices for crafting a competitive content marketing strategy—numbers that often belie the potential of this new-age marketing technique and preconceived notions that often hamper success. Below, we unveil some of the biggest content marketing falsehoods. Continue reading “Debunking Content Marketing Falsehoods – Part One”

Avoiding the Riptide of Brand Strategy

The sun is shining, the weather is warming and before you know it, we’ll be in flip flops and bathing suits. But it’s not all fun in the sun for some businesses when it comes to brand strategy. Some seem to be instead swamped in a sea of questions, from ‘How do we maintain brand integrity?’ to ‘How do we sharpen our corporate identity?’ For businesses looking to avoid this, Twitter is an excellent way to boost brand.

According to a recent infographic by Mediabistro, in 2012, Twitter was declared the world’s fastest-growing social platform, adding 40 percent more active users between Q2 and Q4 of last year. Twitter is teeming with ways to inspire, create and expand your business to strengthen brand loyalty.

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Just Jump!

The palms of both of my hands are sweaty, my heart is pumping 200 liters of blood through my veins per minute, my blood shot eyes are getting teary and my left toe is twitching.  I suddenly have that panic moment. But it is too late the plane has taken off… literally.

Some people say they will never go through with it. Others opt out after watching too many freak accidents. There are those who just don’t have the time for it or interest. Then there are the few who welcome jumping out of a shaky, musty, fear-inducing plane flying 15,000 feet in the air.

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5 Free Tools to Help You Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Having trouble monitoring your social media accounts? Have no fear; we’re here to help lay your troubles to rest. There are tons of social media management tools to make your life a little easier.  These are our favorite finds!

HootSuite – HootSuite organizes all of your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Foursquare, WordPress and MySpace accounts in one convenient place. One of the most useful parts of HootSuite is being able to schedule your posts. It will make your day much more efficient, trust me.


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Which Hat Do You Want to Wear Today?

We’ve all been there. For me, it was my first job after college as a newspaper reporter. After writing seven stories for the week, I was instructed that it was now time to lay out the paper. ‘Lay out the paper?,’ I panicked. ‘Shouldn’t an art team do that?’ After all, while I may certainly be a whiz at Word and NewsPro, I quite candidly do not know the difference between leading and kerning and justification and hypthenation.

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The Lonely Hammer

I am no handyman. Trust me, I have tried. Once, I attempted to install a new light fixture in our spare bathroom. I proudly put the thing together; after hours of figuring out the red and black wires go here and the ground wire goes there. I was pumped up and ready to boast about my handyman powers. I flicked the switch and the only thing that kept turning on and off was the living room cable box.

It was immediately reaffirmed; I am definitely no handyman or an electrician. The problem is, I have no patience. I can’t sit there for hours and not fix something. So when my brother-in-law came over to fix the stand up shower that we had stopped using over a month ago due to the hot handle breaking off, I was very excited. What I didn’t expect is him bringing not one, not two but three different tool boxes full of neat tools I have never seen before.

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April Showers Bring Fresh Social Media Strategies

Every minute, 100,000 new tweets are published and six million Facebook pages are viewed, and these numbers only represent what happens on the Internet every 60 seconds. Can you imagine what this will look like in the future? Allow us to put this into perspective for you.

Today’s number of networked devices is equivalent to our global population, and by 2015, this number of networked devices will be twice that of the global population.

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3 Brands to Learn From on Social Media

Many brands have jumped on board the social media bandwagon, but there are a few who have made an exceptional impact. Old Spice, Sephora, and Lay’s recently ran campaigns with exemplary results that all companies can learn from.

Old Spice

Old Spice

You can’t talk about successful social media campaigns without a mention of Old Spice. The campaign features the “Old Spice Guy,” aka “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” who is strong, charming, and smells great. The series of videos are quick, witty and comical. The best part of this campaign? The “Old Spice Guy” responded to their fans in real time through video.

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5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes You May Not Know you’re Making – Part One

Every business knows the importance of promoting the company brand through marketing, but as easy as that may sound, it is not. There is a very fine line between positive efforts that are misinformed. It is very easy to do more harm than good. Here are some common offenses you may not even know you’re committing.

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Me, Me, Me – Abandon the Kindergartner in You

We all have that person in our life. That dear friend who we don’t see for weeks and who—during your once a month dinner catch-up—rehashes every insignificant detail about his or her latest job catastrophe, spousal and/or child predicament and vacation to Bora Bora. We get it; you are busy and you have a lot to talk about.

kindegartenerThe thing is, the “me, me, me” complex loses its cuteness at about the age of six.  Because the truth is, we are all busy adults—busy adults with our own celebrations, challenges and confusions—and we now see much more quickly through those individuals who so easily forget to ask, “And how was your day?”

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