This Winter, Grow Your Farm’s Brand Image with Content Marketing

Right now, farmers across the country are holed up inside preparing tillage equipment, sprayers and planters for the spring growing season. But with the downtime of winter, it’s the perfect time for farm managers to sit back and think about another topic that will be vital to success once it’s time to get back outside in the soil: brand image.


According to owner of Innovus Agra LLC Brett Oelke, brand image will have a direct impact on one of the most important factors of running a successful farm operation: your bottom line.

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Pharmaceutical Industry Learns about Social Media the Hard Way

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act has kept all eyes on just the U.S. government, but the healthcare industry as well. In addition to having trouble with the Affordable Care Act website, many be reaching out to the government and healthcare providers through social media. For the most part, healthcare providers are viewed as having a good presence across Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. One healthcare sector that has struggled to maintain a strong social media presence, however, has been the pharmaceutical industry.

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ITEXPO 2014 Editor’s Day: Brand Strategy at its Best

shutterstock_161159720We are just a few hours into ITEXPO 2014 in sunny Miami Beach and the energy and electricity here at the convention center is truly palpable. Attendees are starting to pour in for a number of conference events; TMC staffers are running around putting the finishing touches in place for what will be another bleeding-edge technology event; and dozens upon dozens of C-suite officials and leading company executives are making their way to the convention center to participate in Editor’s Day.

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Happy Birthday Vine! See How the Internet Celebrates

It’s been one whole year since Twitter officially introduced the world to Vine on January 24, 2013. The mobile app—acquired by Twitter some months before its roll out in October 2012—has been doing exponentially well, having acquired millions of users in only 12 months.  Vine was one of many social concepts to take rise over the past 12 months; however, it was only one of few to make a real impact on the social and marketing scene.

happy birthday

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The Job of a Marketer: Always be Awake

shutterstock_161159720You know how accountants and financial planners see the world in numbers, formulas and percentages? Well, as a marketer, do you feel like you see the world in terms of strategy, brand tactics and messaging? You are not alone.

I have slowly started to come to the realization that the more I immerse myself in the marketing realm, the harder it is for me to turn off that marketing lens. For example, a simple TV commercial is no longer just a commercial. Rather, it’s a window for me to assess the company’s branding efforts and marketing strategy. Similarly, even a simple flyer that I receive in my mailbox or that I pass on the street cannot escape my marketing lens. I am evaluating the flyer on its font type, its verbiage and its originality. Simply put, the job of a marketer is to always be awake. To always be discerning. And to always be searching for the best campaign.

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What’s the Secret to Instagram’s Success?

instagram-logo-bnThere’s no disputing the fact that Instagram has become one of the world’s most popular apps. With over 150 million users across the globe, the photo-sharing app has become the marketing engine of some of today’s hottest brands from Nike to Ben and Jerry’s to Red Bull. But how did the brainchild of two graduates from Stanford University rise to billion dollar success in just under three years? One word: demographics. Continue reading “What’s the Secret to Instagram’s Success?”

Time Out: Let’s Talk About Your Content Marketing Strategy

When the time comes for Kobe Bryant to hang up his uniform and retire, he will be on the fast track to the Basketball Hall of Fame. With five championship rings on his fingers, four All-Star game MVPs in 14 appearances, a record of 15 All-NBA selections and 12 All-Defensive team awards, Bryant has become a household name throughout the world. His brand is recognized everywhere from Los Angeles to Beijing.


You could imagine the shock, then, for Boston College students when but a few minutes into a recent lecture on how the NBA is a model for successful international marketing, the door to the class opened and in walked Bryant himself.

“It was surreal,” explained Professor Nick Nugent when about the experience.

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Customer Service: It’s all About the Little Things

If you follow the news at all, you are probably well aware by now of the massive data breach that sent retail giant Target spiraling into a public relations crisis from which it has yet to emerge. As you may also know, the company has taken almost as much flak for the difficulty shoppers had reaching customer service—and the treatment they received from call center agents once they did—as it did for the intrusion itself.


Here at Content Boost, we write often about the importance of  customer service, the impact it has on consumers and a brands image. In thinking about and discussing Target’s predicament over  the past few days, I thought a lot about how companies distinguish  themselves as customer service leaders. As they often do, my  thoughts turned to golf.

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ITEXPO is Around the Corner: Do You Have a Story to Tell?

shutterstock_143009551Every year, the weeks leading up to TMC’s ITEXPO event, one of the largest business technology conferences, feel a bit like the weeks leading up to the first day of school.  The excitement is palpable, the nervous energy is at an all-time high and everyone is wondering, “How will the first few days go?”

That’s because whether you are a sponsor, exhibitor, speaker or participant, you understand—as is the case with any trade show—that your time at the convention is valuable. You understand that every second spent on the trade show floor and in a session are crucial seconds spent away from your home office. Simply put, you understand that you need to make every minute count.

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