Do Your Customers Have Abandonment Issues?

abdandonI once followed a blog religiously, checking it every day for fresh content. At first it was great; every afternoon I would check the blog for my daily dose of content, but then something awful happened. It was a typical day around noon when I normally checked by beloved blog, but this time there wasn’t a new post. I chocked it up to a one-time thing, but when I checked the next day and the next day—nothing new. I suddenly felt abandoned.  Did this person forget about me, why weren’t they posting? Continue reading “Do Your Customers Have Abandonment Issues?”

Expert ITEXPO Panel Addresses Everything Content Marketing

Today may be the last day of ITEXPO Las Vegas 2013, but it’s undoubtedly the most exciting. Not only is Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak addressing one of the most anticipated keynote speeches in ITEXPO history, but right before that, Content Boost took to the stage for a compelling content marketing panel (and offered attendees a delicious breakfast!)

The panel – moderated by our very own Director of Content Marketing, Carrie Schmelkin – brought together an esteemed group of long-time players in the content marketing space, including: Richard Williams, President, Connect2Communications; Mostafa Razzak, Founding Partner, JMR Worldwide; Ilissa Miller, CEO, IMPR; and Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC.

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In Content We Trust

contentAs a consumer, what enables you to trust? This was without a doubt the question of the hour during “Battle in the Clouds,” a keynote at this week’s ITEXPO 2013 show, taking place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The event is currently in full swing, and the Content Boost team is so excited to be attending and hearing all about the latest and greatest in the technology sector. Oftentimes, we find it directly relates to content marketing and brand strategy.

Take the keynote, for example, where the topic circulating the stage was trust. Upon being asked what guarantees or fosters trust between vendors, users and providers, the number one answer among the panelists was brand. Panelist Dennis Schmidt, VP of network and systems engineering at ShoreTel Sky, hit the nail on the head when he said that trust is driven by time. In regards to this, he urged attendees to ask themselves how long a company has been in the game and how much the company has learned over the course of its operations. This, ultimately, is what brings trust to fruition.

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What You Need To Know About Using Social Media

Even if the thought of establishing a social media presence for your company frightens you, it’s time to bite the bullet and jump in.

The goal of business, after all, is to enhance relationships with customers, to bond with them. And that’s precisely what business social media accounts do.

So you’ve taken the plunge into the world of social media: What comes next?4703623633_672d9f52bd_o

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What Can Content Marketers Learn from the Cronut?

Americans are slowly getting their first taste of the newest delicacy to sweep over the Western hemisphere: the Cronut. The harmonious product of a marriage between a croissant and a doughnut, the Cronut is winning over the hearts of pastry lovers from New York to Los Angeles. It is quickly becoming the latest craze in the food industry, and surprisingly has a lot to teach us about content marketing.


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Top Tips for Becoming a Better Social Business

At the surface, business managers seem completely at ease with this question; however, while cool and confident on the outside, on the inside, they’re biting their nails and pacing the floor wondering what it takes to become a social business. Just to make things clear, being a social business does not necessarily mean having social media accounts. This may be a terrifying thought for the approximate 64 percent of B2B companies who currently use social media – no one likes to know that what they’re doing may not be enough.

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What ITEXPO’s StartupCamp Can Teach us about Content Marketing

We are just a little over 24 hours away from ITEXPO’s eighth annual StartupCamp and let me tell you… I am excited. StartupCamp is undoubtedly one of the highlights of TMC’s annual convention—of course aside from the incredible keynote speakers (Steve Wozniak anyone??) and the riveting breakout sessions. And that’s because it gives fledgling start-ups the chance to pitch their business concepts to a large audience of industry experts, media, investors and prospects. Think “Shark Tank” for the tech sector.

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A Picture Says a Thousand Words

photography-beginnerI myself am a visual learner, who would rather look at pretty pictures than read a 1,000-plus word article—and I’m not alone. In fact, 65 percent of the population is comprised of visual learners and 40 percent of people respond better to visual information than plain text. For content marketers, this means marrying compelling content with eye-catching visuals.

Visual content garners big results as it not only helps catch the reader’s attention, but it also increases engagement and drives website traffic. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and consider the following: would you rather read a press release full of text or a post with one or two eye-popping images?

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You Bring Yourself, We’ll Bring the Eggs: Join us for a Content Marketing Breakfast at ITEXPO

It’s almost wheels up for our team here at Content Boost as in just a few days we are headed to Las Vegas for ITEXPO West 2013, the world’s leading business technology event sponsored by TMC taking place Aug. 26-29. The excitement is palpable; the energy undeniable. In just a few days, we will have the pleasure of meeting with so many of our clients and spreading the word about the importance of content marketing.

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Still Think Content Marketing is Just a Phase? Read This

If you do a quick Web scan or ask a random handful of people, you’ll receive multiple conflicting answers as to whether content marketing – an integrated marketing strategy involving creating and sharing relevant, customized and insightful copy – is all that it’s cracked up to be. As if existing statistics (such as the fact that 91 percent of B2B marketers currently leverage content marketing strategies and 66 percent of brands say that branded content marketing has become “very important”) weren’t enough, a brand new infographic brings us a slew of statistics that are hot out of the oven. All of them point to the fact that content marketing is a must-have for any business’ customer engagement strategy.

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