Snail Mail Goes Social

mll2I’ve been home from college since May, but somehow Fourth of July feels like the true start to summer. So I did what I do whenever I need a new start: I cleaned. And this time, I stumbled upon a drawer in my desk full of letters. Handwritten, saved from summer camp and birthdays, conveying memories and stories from friends and family. It was a touching discovery, one that made me hesitant to check my Facebook or Twitter, thinking I wouldn’t find the same meaning there as I did in that desk drawer. But thankfully, if you miss the good old days of snail mail as much as I do, there’s an organization that knows where we’re coming from.

More Love Letters (MLL) was formed in 2011 and aims to “lift, empower and mobilize individuals through tangible acts of love.” Participants write anonymous love letters to leave wherever they choose – train stations, restaurants, or anywhere around the world. People can also contact the MLL team with requests for letters for their loved ones, and the organization will make sure a bundle gets received.

How does MLL, as an organization focused on letter-writing, efficiently convey its intentions? That’s the beautiful irony – through social media.

MLL strikes a rare balance between old-school handwriting and modern-day cyber socializing. The company covers a lot of ground in promoting its mission, having established its presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, YouTube and Pinterest. Moreover, MLL has a website, a blog, and a submission center for people to post love letters they find. If someone wants to receive a bundle of love, he or she emails a request to MLL, and the team communicates the task to its followers through these various outlets. It’s an intricate web of interactions that deals in efficiency while stressing the art of meaningful connections. Founder Hannah Brencher is a social media queen, promoting herself and MLL through inspirational powerhouse vehicles like her personal blog and 2012 TED Talks performance. And yet she recognizes that the world doesn’t need another website. The world needs love, and she and MLL are there to convey it.

What can businesses learn from this organization and its methods? One crucial message is that your social media endeavors must highlight, not drown out, the mission of your group. Don’t fall victim to empty postings across social media; instead, make each post emphasize the heart of your business goals. Amidst a barrage of cyber-communication options, take a cue from More Love Letters and remember that significant connections to your audience and to a wider world are the keys to success. If social media enhances those connections, then it is serving you well.

So clean up your marketing approach by making meaningful communication efforts – you never know what you’ll find in the process.

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