How Product Packaging Can Effectively Become a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketers are always on the lookout for the next best thing to help them ramp up their content marketing strategy; however, one avenue they may not have considered traveling down is product packaging. The actual packaging that your product is delivered in can be optimized for content marketing purposes, and a few designers excellently prove this. Recently, BuzzFeed listed a few brilliantly designed packaging ideas that blew my mind as a content marketer. Maybe they will help inspire you or your product development team on new ways to reinvent the wheel, too.

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The Rise of Native Advertising for Content Marketing

Have you ever been on the Web and seen an article that really appeals to your interests, only to find that it’s an advertisement? All of a sudden that really funny, interesting, insightful article you couldn’t wait to explore is stripped bare, exposing its true identity: A fallacious marketing ploy to gain your attention. This type of scheme – called an “advertorial” – can feed a customer’s distrust in a company rather than destroy it. And that’s exactly where native advertising comes into the picture.

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What Did You Just Say?

We’re all looking to differentiate ourselves; it’s essentially a top goal of content marketing.

We’ve all been given the same advice from marketing managers: “stand apart,” “have a cutting edge,” “make a difference”…but how speakingexactly are we living up to these expectations? What is it that enables us to stand apart when compared to the mound of competitors striving to do just the same?

A piece of this puzzle is found in the way we speak.

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