Super Bowl 2015: The Marketing Winners and Losers

I’ll be honest, I don’t care much for football. Sit me in front of a basketball or baseball game and I’m all in—but football… eh. However, as a marketer, I absolutely love the Super Bowl. After all, what’s not to love when your career centers upon branding strategy and marketing messages? It’s perhaps the one time of year that the best marketing campaigns stream across our television sets (and sometimes some utterly horrible ones). So here’s a look at the true winners and losers of this year’s game:

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Pros and Cons of Personalized Marketing: Take a Tip From Coke

shutterstock_196241660Personalized marketing is one way to attract consumers to your brand—and Coke has grabbed a hold of the concept fairly literally with its latest marketing campaign. The beverage company has labeled bottles of its famous confectionary drink with 250 of the most popular names of today’s teens and millennials. The campaign, which hit U.S. shores in June, after getting its start in Australia in 2012, is titled “Share a Coke.” Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Personalized Marketing: Take a Tip From Coke”

Hey Coca-Cola, Will You Go With Me to Prom?

Ah prom season. That beloved time of year when the smell of newly pressed tuxedos, overly-sequined dresses and high school desperation fills the air. That time of year in which moms and dads fork over large wads of cash for ostentatious limos and after parties. And, most importantly, that time marketers clamor for all year long.

That’s because prom season is a marketer’s dream. From the dress boutiques to the limousine companies to the airbrush tanners and makeup artists, marketers in almost every industry are trying to capitalize on the centuries-long tradition that is prom.

And why shouldn’t they? Teenagers are such a powerful group, influencing spending habits and store preferences. In fact, a recent survey from TRU Insights revealed that the purchasing power of teens—ages 12 to 19 years old—has reached $819 billion globally. Moreover, 81 percent of teenage girls recently reported that they are more likely to purchase something if their friend already has.

Prom season can be a marketer’s best date or worst nightmare; it all depends on how you try to capitalize on this iconic time of year.

shutterstock_85907128One company that has taken a wonderfully subtle approach to prom marketing is Coca-Cola. On May 29, the soft drink vendor posted a photo from an ‘80s prom. The caption—”Fun fact: in 20 years that Coke is the only thing that won’t look outdated in your prom picture.” Take a look by clicking here.

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Ahh, Coke’s New Marketing Campaign Makes Me Thirsty

This is the age of the mobile device. The days of print advertisements wane in the rearview as we now drive down the highways of the future.

In order to stay fresh and relevant, firms need to rethink their marketing strategies if they want to connect with and convert a target market that is always evolving.

And the fine folks at Coca Cola seem to have done just that.


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