The Future is Bright in 2015 For Content Marketers

shutterstock_241697203Am I the only crazy marketer out there who was actually dying to get back to work during the recent holiday season? Call me what you will but without schedules, deadlines and creative dialogue daily I get antsy. And if I have nowhere to be (like a dreamy beach vacation), I crave work.

I know you are trudging through a slew of emails and memos this week and that the last thing you need is another lengthy, information-laden message.

So I won’t keep you long; I promise.

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Passive vs. Active Marketers: Which Are You?

shutterstock_209815978We’ve all heard the phrase “passive communication.” It may describe someone who lacks conviction, direction and, sometimes, respect. As such, this type of communication has given rise to the term “passive-aggressive,” or someone who tends to express negative feelings in an indirect manner rather than state their disapproval directly to the person concerned.

We’ve all dealt with the passive-aggressive individual in the business world—we may even be that person. But have we encountered the passive-aggressive marketer? Are you a passive marketer?

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Fearful of Getting Shot Down By the Boss? Why Jan. Will Get You The ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing

blog picAre you having an inner debate right now? Is the entrepreneur in you telling you to steal 30-minutes with your boss to delineate the reasons content marketing has to make it into the budget for 2014? Meanwhile, is your inner three-year-old cowering in your boots afraid that your boss does not want to hear from you and will immediately squash your content marketing dreams?

Though it sounds scary, now is the time to silence the latter voice and trust the first one.

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Is Your Company Making a Splash?

By now my husband fully understands my interest level in content marketing. So much so that when something content marketing-related appears on television or is covered in a magazine, he will DVR the show or rip out the article (yup, I’m one lucky girl).

So late last week, you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when a special segment titled “Content Marketing: The New PR?” found its way into my DVR lineup right alongside “Friends” reruns and the latest episode of “The Biggest Loser.”

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