Skittles Gets Interactive With Figurines

skittlesSkittles has a new ad out and it lets you smash grandma’s precious figurines. Let me rewind. The ad starts with grandma bringing a glass of water to what is presumably her grandson, Tommy. On the same table is a pink horse figurine who speaks in a British accent and tells Tommy to smash him for Skittles to come out. Of course, the grandson smashes the horse and enjoys a pile of the delicious treats. I have to admit, in every Skittles commercial the sound of the candy pouring onto the ground makes my mouth water. Does anyone else have a sudden craving for Skittles?

At the end of the ad, they allow you to choose which animal figurine to smash on the ground next. None of them have Skittles inside, but they do have some pretty entertaining quips.

Skittles commercials are always pretty funny, but the “choose your own adventure” feel of this one makes it even better. Your customers want to engage with your brand – whether it’s by starting a conversation, reading your articles or clicking on your interactive ads. It’s such a simple idea, but it certainly is effective.

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