Pinterest’s New API Allows Brands to Take Content Marketing One Step Further

pinterestThis week, it was revealed that Pinterest launched its first application programming interface (API), which enables brand partners to use real-time data from the social sharing platform to generate lists of the most-pinned items in their physical stores.

The goal of this new API is simple: to make it easier for people to post and share content on Pinterest. Pinterest took to its blog on Nov. 14 to give all of the details to its eager pinning customer base, explaining:

Many of you follow your favorite brands on Pinterest to see products, recipes and articles in your feed. Starting today, we’re working with some great companies, including Disney, Nestlé, Walmart, Hearst and Zappos, to show you their most popular Pins right on their sites. This gives you an easy way to discover the best stuff around the web, powered by Pinners like you!

In addition to these big name brands are vintage retailer ModCloth, home and décor retailer Wayfair, Whole Foods, and Random House.

So, if you were to go to in search of the best Christmas Dinner recipes or the most unique baby’s first birthday cakes, you’ll be able to see the most popular recipes on the company’s home page as chosen by fellow Pinterest users. This new API enables retailers to display their most in-demand items, whether it’s a sparkly halter top from Target or Random Houses’ most enjoyed books this winter, determined by fellow Pinning bookworms.

If you ask me, this is picture perfect timing on Pinterest’s part not only for strengthening companies’ content marketing strategies, but for locking in higher revenue this holiday season. Rolling out this new API during the prime of this year’s holiday shopping period is spot on, considering the millions of people who are currently neck-deep in purchasing gifts for their friends and loved ones (not to mention the fact that 65 percent of shoppers use social media to search for gifts). This new API makes shopping for someone else that much easier for people who know what brand that person likes, but perhaps not exactly what they’d like from the brand.

For example, I’m a pretty big fan of ModCloth. Now my sister – knowing that I like ModCloth but perhaps not knowing what I’d particularly like from the company – can visit the company’s home page and assess a list of top-pinned items to gauge which are hottest right now. If anything, it can at least serve as a springboard for her purchasing process and get her one step closer to an easier shopping experience.

Personally, I think this is brilliant on both a content marketing level and a personal entertainment level. What do you think?

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