Boys Drool and Girls Rule: Why You Should be Marketing More Toward Women

womenIf the majority of your marketing efforts are targeted toward men, then you may want to think twice. According to Women’s Marketing Inc., women control a whopping 85 percent of the purchasing in the United States. Need a little more convincing? Check out these stats from a recent infographic by Text Marketer:

  • Always Connected: Sixty-three percent of women wouldn’t dare go an hour without looking at their smartphone.
  • Increasingly Social: Women spend 10 hours on social media via their mobile devices and eight hours on social media via their PCs.
  • Online Shoppers: Women account for 58 percent of all total online spending. Moreover, 58 percent of women are likely to make a purchase via their smartphone, thanks in large part to mobile marketing.
  • Chatty Cathy: Ninety-two percent of women will pass on info about deals to their friends and family.
  • Continuously in Control: Ladies make most of the decisions regarding food purchases (93 percent), healthcare decisions (80 percent) and computer purchases (66 percent).

While these statistics are compelling, many businesses fail to successfully market toward this demographic. While most women enjoy the “finer things in life,” it doesn’t mean every campaign should include pastel colors and pink ribbons. Don’t alienate your consumer base. More importantly–and this goes for any marketing campaign–be relatable. Take a page from Dove’s Real Beauty campaign. Featuring older, normal-sized women, Dove set out to show that “real” women are in fact just as beautiful as size-zero models.

Whether your targeting men or women always keep two questions in mind: what does your audience care about the most and how does your product or service benefit them? Once you answer these, begin to craft compelling content (i.e. blog, video, social media campaign) that speaks directly to them.

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