Ice Cream in December: Ben & Jerry’s Dominates Instagram—and Fans Love It

Right now, the majority of Americans are reaching for bowls of hot soup and putting on multiple layers of clothes in order to combat the cold winter air. But not me.

shutterstock_117202792Instead of trying to run away from winter, I like to embrace it by reaching for a bowl of ice cream—the colder the better. After all, winter only lasts for a few months and then everyone starts complaining about the heat again. So when I opened my Instagram news feed recently to see a picture of someone holding an ice cream cone up to a cloud, I was pleasantly surprised—and not at all annoyed about seeing an advertisement in my news feed.

Apparently a lot of other people felt the same way, too. After all, it’s hard to get upset about seeing a picture of an ice cream cone. As it turns out, Instagram’s decision to incorporate ads panned out quite nicely for the company. In fact, Ben & Jerry’s experienced a 20 percent spike in followers after the advertising initiative. Here are some other interesting statistics that emerged as well:

  • Over 386,000 likes were generated from its first ad
  • Ben & Jerry’s received a 2,000 percent increase over an average post
  • Daily followers increased from an average of 429 people to more than 7,200 followers
  • Over 50,000 new users now follow Ben & Jerry’s on Instragram

A large part of why I didn’t even blink when I saw the advertisement can be attributed to the fact that the picture was well placed amongst the others that my friends posted in my news feed. Just like a great piece of content marketing is supposed to do, the ad blended right in. If I didn’t see the Ben & Jerry’s logo, it would look like any other Instagram user posting a unique picture.

The lesson here is to make sure that your content blends in and is organic. You want your content to stand out and be noticed, but you want it to not be so obvious an advertisement. Whether you are crafting an original article, posting a picture or uploading a video for your enterprise, you should think about how you want a user who is stumbling across the Internet to receive it.

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