The Job of a Marketer: Always be Awake

shutterstock_161159720You know how accountants and financial planners see the world in numbers, formulas and percentages? Well, as a marketer, do you feel like you see the world in terms of strategy, brand tactics and messaging? You are not alone.

I have slowly started to come to the realization that the more I immerse myself in the marketing realm, the harder it is for me to turn off that marketing lens. For example, a simple TV commercial is no longer just a commercial. Rather, it’s a window for me to assess the company’s branding efforts and marketing strategy. Similarly, even a simple flyer that I receive in my mailbox or that I pass on the street cannot escape my marketing lens. I am evaluating the flyer on its font type, its verbiage and its originality. Simply put, the job of a marketer is to always be awake. To always be discerning. And to always be searching for the best campaign.

It seems that virtually every facet of our lives can be looked at through a marketing lens. Take the Super Bowl, for example.  Sure the wings, beer and incredible football plays are enough to dominate the afternoon, but also look for the hidden—and overt—marketing messages wherever you go. Assess each and every TV commercial and jot down branding ideas from your favorites. Take a look at the key advertisements and marketing messages on display at the stadium. Determine your winners and losers for the game—no I am not talking about the Broncos or the Seahawks—as they relate to compelling marketing and advertising concepts.

The Super Bowl is not the only place from which you can get inspired. Use everyday conversations to get your creative juices flowing. For example, the next time you speak with your cousin at a family function and ask him about his job, observe how he talks about the company. Does he seem to understand the company’s chief value proposition? Does he light up when he talks about his company’s purpose? All of his answers will give you insight into how strong his company’s culture is. If it seems like something you wish to emulate, dig deeper.

To be the best marketer you can be, keep your marketing lens clean and laser-focused. It’s OK if your brain never shuts off. It means that you understand that meaning and branding can be derived from virtually every facet of life. The marketing world is one place where it’s OK to always be awake.


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