If Jack White can Produce an Album in One Day, You can Get Your Blog Moving Too

Fans of Grammy award-winning artist Jack White certainly know the man is prolific. White, who burst onto the music scene as the guitarist for the White Stripes back in 1999, is also known for his work with the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. Now, White is launching a solo music career as well—and he is out to prove something else in the process: his creative speed.

Jack_White_OttawaOn April 19, White will attempt to set the world record for the fastest recorded album ever. Sources indicate that White plans to record and release the title track of his album all in one day. In order to accomplish this, the song will be performed and transferred directly to acetate right in his Nashville, Tenn. studio, Third Man Records. Then, the tapes will be immediately sent down the road to United Record Pressing where they will be turned into 45s. The records will then be rushed back and will go on sale later in the day at Third Man.

Above all else, White should be applauded for his clever marketing and his attempt to land in the history books. But as marketers, there is another lesson to be learned here: Sometimes, speed is your ticket to success when producing content—be it a podcast, blog post or video. As a musician, White’s image carries a lot of weight. He has fans that expect to see quality work, and so he is putting a lot on the line by producing this record.

But he’s also taking a risk and showing us that sometimes, it’s okay to put yourself out there and release your content onto the Web quickly. While we’d all like to craft content that is perfect in every way, it’s important to remember that once you start posting work, you need to keep it going or outsource to a professional that can get the job done for you.

Maybe you’ve been tapping your finger on your desk all day, struggling to wrap up your blog post. Or, maybe you have been trying to get your blog off the ground for months now. If this is the case, take White’s leap of faith as inspiration and just start producing content. After all, you never know what will turn into a masterpiece.