Content Boost Sweepstakes: Because Who Doesn’t Want Free Blogs and an Apple TV?

shutterstock_147643232We’ve all received this email: “Fill out our 10-minute survey for the chance to win an Amazon gift card [or insert other gift here].” And chances are you’ve probably deleted it. After all, who really has the time to fill out a survey these days? And 10 minutes? Yeah right.

So I have something better for you. I know you are in need of some sort of content marketing help. How do I know this? My good friends at Content Marketing Institute (CMI) contend that 93 percent of B2B and 90 percent of B2C marketers are leveraging content marketing even though only 42 percent of B2B and 34 percent of B2C marketers feel they are effective at it. The market research overwhelmingly confirms a central theme: marketers want in with content marketing but they are wholly unprepared to launch a successful strategy because they deal with time, resource and budgetary constraints.

So we are here to help.

During the month of October, we are holding our first-ever Content Boost sweepstakes (a big thank you to our partner Eventige for programming the giveaway!). Here’s what you can win:

  • Two FREE blogs at approximately 300 words
  • One Apple TV

The entire package is a $699 value! So what do we need from you? Nothing more than your email address to enter you into the sweepstakes. No survey; no first or last name; no personal information at all. We are running the sweepstakes until Oct. 31 when a lucky winner will be selected.

You probably know all you can enjoy if you win the Apple TV—like HD content, blockbuster movies, live sports and news. But check out the testimonials below to get a better sense of how the two free blogs can help you:

“We would need to hire two full time senior writers to generate the content that Content Boost generates for less than the cost of one entry level person. In the first 60 days, we increased traffic to our blog by 300% and social media mentions and impressions by 200%. Content Boost is a game changer for us!” – A leading managed application hosting provider

“Content Boost is a fantastic partner to create supplemental content and expand our library of print and digital documents. Their team thoroughly researches topics and provides quality, value-rich, and accurate content. By outsourcing certain elements of our content creation, our team can focus on other marketing goals and trust Content Boost to provide great content we can take to market.” – ANPI

Don’t miss your chance! Enter today by clicking here!


Carrie-SDubbed a “Chatty Cathy” from the time she uttered her first word, Content Boost’s Director of Content Marketing Carrie Majewski (née Schmelkin) is nothing short of verbal. Her love of talking matured into love of writing which inevitably transformed into a love of marketing. Carrie is responsible for overseeing the cutting-edge content marketing beast that is Content Boost—managing brand and editorial strategy, fostering client relationships, identifying new revenue opportunities and striking strategic partnerships. Carrie has worked with a variety of high profile clients on branding and copy creation from Sprint to Panasonic to AT&T to Emerson Network Power. When she’s not busy wordsmithing and debating content marketing versus traditional marketing, you can find her working on her swag in a hip-hop dance class, clogging her DVR with “Friends” reruns and trying desperately to make it up past 9:30 pm on the weekends with her hubby. #OldSoul.