Content Marketers: Stop What You’re Doing and Go Eat a Sandwich

Once again, Halloween has come and gone. Are you feeling down about having to wait a whole year to dress up as a zombie or Walter White? I don’t blame you. But here’s a consolation: Today is National Sandwich Day in America. In my opinion, this is the most underrated holiday in the world and it’s a cause for celebration.

Here’s what I love about sandwiches, perhaps more than any other food, and how it relates to content marketing:

unnamedThey’re practical: You can eat a sandwich whether you’re on-the-go or at home. Everything you need can be placed neatly in between two pieces of bread (or in a wrap, if you prefer).

Your content should work the same way. Remember that you’re not trying to serve your readers a multi-course “meal” of content. Craft articles that are long enough to keep your readers satisfied, yet concise enough to be read on a mobile device. Your goal is to inform and entertain your readers, above all else.

You never get tired of them: One of the greatest things about the sandwich is its versatility.  From a bacon egg and cheese to a turkey club to a grilled Panini, if you get tired of one medium you can always switch to another.

Have you been feeding your readers the same type of content over and over? If so, don’t be afraid to mix up your approach by delivering something new. Conduct an interview with a leader in your industry or create a top 10 list about a topic that interests you and is relevant to your business. If your own content is boring you, then it just might be boring your readers. Shake things up and vary your approach.

The combinations are limitless: Look, I love peanut butter and jelly as much as anyone else. But what I love even more is putting strawberries or apple on my PB&J. A personal favorite combination of mine is actually a banana, inside of a hot dog bun, with chocolate chips on top. It’s all about taking a traditional concept and adding a personal touch that makes it your own. There is no wrong answer when it comes to creating new sandwiches.

Is your content lacking in originality? If you’re out of ideas, Content Boost can provide the fresh perspective on your industry that you are looking for. Whether your tastes are simple like tuna salad or as wild as a shrimp and avocado po boy, we’ll help you craft the brand image that’s right for your business.