5 Simple Social Media Strategy Tips to Implement Today

897px-Facebook_like_thumbThere’s no doubt that social media has forever changed the way brands interact and engage with consumers. Through social, businesses are able to spread brand awareness, generate leads and create meaningful relationships with buyers. Despite the various benefits and popularity of social, however, many businesses still seem to struggle with implementing a successful strategy.

In a survey of 100 B2B marketing executives conducted by SiriusDecisions, only 10 percent of participants felt they were able to convey the business value of their social media strategy, although 95 percent have corporate social media accounts.

With all of the new platforms and tools available, it’s easy for businesses to get overwhelmed. Below are five simple social media strategy tips:

  1. Establish attainable goals: All too often, companies make the mistake of focusing solely on the number of likes or fans they generate; however these statistics do little to nothing for your business. When establishing goals, ask yourself the question: What’s the point? Whether it’s generating more brand awareness or sales, think hard about what you want your social media efforts to accomplish.
  1. Choose your platforms wisely: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…there are various social media platforms out there, but not every platform is right for your business. Make sure you thoroughly research which platforms your target audience frequents the most. LinkedIn, for example, is the most popular social media channel among B2B businesses.
  1. Establish roles: Managing your social media accounts is a big job, so don’t pawn this responsibility off onto just anyone. Look for an individual who clearly understands your business goals and how to use social media platforms to attain those goals. He or she should have a knack for creative writing, solid organizational skills and an analytical mindset.
  1. Tailor content to target audience: When creating content, you must consider the platform. Whether it’s a 140 character tweet or a longer form post, create consistent content that’s informal, yet relevant and valuable. Engage your fans with content that is “shareable” or likely to prompt a user to share with their friends.
  1. Track your efforts: To uncover what’s working and what’s not, you must track your efforts. After all, how can you determine whether your efforts are actually making a difference in your business if you don’t track results? There are various metrics you should be paying attention to when it comes to tracking the success of your social media campaigns; for example, shares, clicks and reach.

Now that you’re armed with these helpful tips, it’s your turn to take your social media efforts to the next level. Need help managing your social media accounts? Click here to see how we can help.

Editorial-Shoot-BrookeBefore she got bitten by the marketing bug, Brooke Neuman worked as a copy editor for Content Boost’s parent company, TMC. As a veteran Content Producer, Brooke draws on her leadership skills and writing expertise to help clients reach their marketing goals. She’s also the creative mind behind the Content Boost blog, featured articles and eNews platforms. When she’s not coming up with killer headlines, you can find her at the beach working on her tan, coaching lacrosse and enjoying her favorite pastime—shopping.  Brooke graduated from Endicott College—where she helped the Gulls win four-peat CCC Women’s Lacrosse Championships—with a degree in contemporary journalism.

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