Top Takeaways From the Content Boost Crash Course Part One: Morning Sessions

The morning flew by here at Content Boost, as we’re now halfway through our second content marketing Crash Course; that is, our all-day integrated marketing seminar offering the latest tips and tricks for growing your brand online.

Before we head into this afternoon’s additional seminars and group discussions, it’s a great time to reflect on some of the top takeaways from the morning sessions, led by our in-house team of integrated marketing experts.

Here are three key tips that were discussed:

20150421_112544Be bold with your content: After opening remarks from our CEO, Rich Tehrani, our Director Carrie Majewksi kicked things off with a presentation on the basics of content marketing. One of the most important things she spoke about was the need to be bold and take chances with your content. As she explained, you are already disruptive with your product offerings so it’s critical to be innovative with your multimedia. According to Majewski, content marketing is your opportunity to drive emotion, tell stories and create a “WOW” experience that will resonate strongly with your customers.

You need to be blogging: Why should your company be blogging? As Digital Content Editor Eric Lebowitz explained, companies that blog generate an overwhelming 97 percent more inbound links. It’s also especially useful for small businesses that are trying to increase industry-wide credibility, too. In fact, small businesses that blog receive 126 percent more lead growth than those that do not. Blogging is responsible for introducing your audience to your company, offering your unique industry perspective, differentiating your business from competitors, creating value and building trust with your readers.

It’s all about engagement: Managing Content Producer Allison Boccamazzo explained how social media is the best tool for differentiating your brand, increasing sales and indentifying new growth opportunities. Boccamazzo offered a four-step plan to a strong social media strategy, which includes seeing where your users are on social media, determining the right platforms to use, establishing a consistent tone, posting style, continuously monitoring your strategy and adjusting it as needed for success. As she highlighted, 92 percent of marketers recently indicated that their social media efforts were responsible for increasing brand exposure and awareness.

So, what are you doing this afternoon? There’s still time to step out of your office and head to Norwalk, Connecticut to take part in sessions about building a gated asset strategy and getting the boss to say yes to content marketing. There will also be small group discussions and bonus opportunities!

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gerald-21With an extensive background in journalism having worked at AOL’s and New Haven’s “Groove Magazine,” Content Boost’s Digital Content Editor Gerald Baldino certainly has a way with the written word. His right-brain mentality and creative thinking has helped him launch numerous successful content marketing campaigns for his clients. Dubbed “Saint Baldino” for his willingness to help other team members in need, Gerald is an independent author and publisher, and enjoys creating short fiction, poetry and visual art in his spare time. Gerald received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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