Don’t Let Social Trends Scare You: Start Using Them to Your Advantage

shutterstock_285775508As more and more people turn to social networking sites as an all-inclusive location for their news, sports and entertainment, it has become more important than ever for marketers to be constantly plugged in to the trends of social media.

At first glance, the idea of constantly keeping up with the giant wealth of ever-changing information present on social networks seems incredibly daunting, especially for smaller businesses without the aid of a full marketing team. In reality, however, businesses with any size and capability can capitalize on social media trends to spread awareness of their brand.

The key to expanding a brand’s influence through social media is the use of tags. Marketers can use these tags to their advantage by making use of tags that are “trending.” Posts that are tagged with topics that are trending are made more visible to users of the site, regardless of whether or not they originated from a source they follow.

This means that trending tags could be used to strategically increase a company’s followers by showcasing its brand page to people who would not have seen it otherwise; seeing a featured post by a brand often leads users to check out other posts from the same brand, and perhaps begin to follow that company’s page as well. Using these featured tags requires very little effort and comes with the prospect of adding followers, which has huge upside to the marketing reach of the company. Even seemingly small increases in readership can help a company’s marketing outreach substantially. While 1,000 followers may not seem like a lot, that number  would rank a company among the top 4 percent of all users on Twitter.

One important thing to keep in mind when using trending tags is to remember not to force it. Not every trending topic can be tied back to your company, and it is better to leave those alone. There are still ample opportunities to take advantage of tags. For example, a trending topic on Twitter this morning was #WednesdayWisdom. Marketers can send tweets from their brand’s page using this tag and automatically make their tweets more visible. This presents a prime opportunity to spread awareness about the brand in a way that is highly visible: a short, succinct message using the tag and extolling the virtues and culture of the company.

These promotions can be lighthearted and fun as well. A popular tag in the New York area last month was #StacheSquad, started by the New York Yankees. This social media trend started when the team began to grow mustaches together and encouraged fans to join in on the fun.  This presents a fun opportunity to increase brand visibility. Maybe the resident Yankee fan in the office would like to showcase his mustache on the company feed. Simple, easy and fun posts involving trending topics give businesses of all sizes a chance to increase their visibility and their brand awareness over social media.

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  1. I just recently started reading your blog and really enjoy your posts. I’ve also found that tags are very effective in optimizing social media campaigns, especially on Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr.

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