Three Important Elements of Every Engaging Blog

shutterstock_301366778Marketers behind the brands with large blog readerships rely on much more than just good luck to attract their readers. Instead of crossing their fingers each time they press “submit” on the latest post, these marketers employ a wealth of strategic elements that make their blogs the most attractive to their audiences.

Just take look at this article from that lists five of today’s most successful corporate blogs. Each of the featured blogs is unique and immediately sets the tone for what its personality and content will be like. In other words, each of these featured blogs draws in and captivates the reader before he or she even begins reading the content, due to a few important key elements.

So, here are three elements that every stellar marketer includes in their blog pages to encourage heightened customer engagement:

  1. Visually pleasing layout: This might seem like a no brainer, but what is visually pleasing to you might not be in line with your target audiences’ expectations. This is why it’s crucial for marketers to live and breathe their brand’s mission statement and create a brand personality that encapsulates it visually. If your business is determined to be the most forward-thinking cutting-edge player in your field, then your blog page must reiterate this goal by looking modern, sophisticated and simple to navigate. What’s more, your blog page should create a full brand experience for your readers. While your content is at the heart of your blog, the layout, color choices and graphics are the main arteries that keep pumping the blood—your consumers— back to your articles.
  2. Bold, catchy headlines: A visually pleasing layout will surely entice your readers, and perhaps encourage them to click around a bit, but you need to make sure your outside appearance isn’t just a façade. Show your readers you’re the real deal, and that your articles are worth the read, by introducing them to content with bold catchy headlines. Make sure your titles are tightly aligned with each blog post to avoid misleading your readers. Furthermore, it’s important to remember what your audience prefers in terms of readability. For instance, many readers enjoy articles that are broken down into bullet points or numbered sections. So, when you post these types of articles let your readers know right away through your title (“Five Ways to Solve Writers Block,” for example).
  3. Bios for each blogger: Transparency and trust are two important factors for gaining customer loyalty today. In fact, your consumers want to know you—yes you—the person who wrote and posted the content they’re using as collateral to decide if they want to purchase your products or services. As such, it’s important for brands to be relatable and personal on their blog pages. For instance, blog presents a great opportunity to include a small snap shot of your business’s team members. So ensure that after each post you include a headshot and a small bio for the author that includes both personal and professional information. Your readers will be able to connect with your brand more easily when they can associate real people with the company they do (or are considering doing) business with.

So, if you want your blog to be recognized among the best-of-the-best then you need to make sure you include these three important elements to help you get on the right track.

Editorial-Shoot-Diana-3Whether skydiving in Interlaken or free falling into hot oil pizza from Colony Grille, Diana Bishop knows a thing or two about adventure. After graduating from Keene State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, she has used her experiences while studying abroad in Barcelona to inject fresh perspective into her work at Content Boost. Admittedly “artsy” by nature, she enjoys painting and drawing whenever she has free time on her hands. Before she joined the team at Content Boost she organized promotions and wrote commercial copy for iHeartMedia, a global entertainment and media company.

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