Three Reasons To Consider The New Content Boost Word Bank Package

Right now many Major League Baseball teams are scrambling to make last minute deals before tomorrow’s looming trade deadline. Just about every team in the playoff hunt hopes to land a multi-faceted player who can contribute across the board with both his bat and glove; such a player will prove to be much more valuable in October than a one-trick pony who can occasionally clobber the ball, but produce little else.

shutterstock_125212661This need for flexibility is equally important when selecting a custom content vendor. It’s critical that your vendor can provide your business with a wide variety of assets as opposed to a narrow set of deliverables.  Such is the concept behind Content Boost’s new offering, a flexible package which lets you pick and choose the number of words you want to receive per month with almost no limit as to how you can use them.

Here are three reasons your business should consider the new word bank package from Content Boost:

  1. Your social channels are suffering: Sure, your blog is thriving. But take a look at your social channels. Do you see many likes, shares or retweets? It’s just as important to fill your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with high quality custom content as it is your blog if you want to generate leads and increase engagement. Using the new word bank package, you can build a calendar that allocates a steady stream of content to your social channels.
  2. There is virtually no content on your website: When a customer lands on your home page, what do they see? If there’s no welcoming content, they may be quick to look elsewhere for third party reviews about your company. When you sign up for the Content Boost word bank, a content producer will audit your website in search of places that are bereft of information. Then, they’ll work with you to craft custom messaging about your brand.
  3. Your emails are underperforming: You spend a great deal of time crafting emails, but you just aren’t getting the responses you want—like high open rates, replies and forwards. This could be due to the fact that your content is not as compelling as it could be. So instead of writing your own email marketing messages, build them into your monthly word bank and put them in the hands of a trained professional.

Want to learn more about how your business can benefit from this new plan? Contact a Content Boost representative today!

 gerald-21With an extensive background in journalism having worked at AOL’s and New Haven’s “Groove Magazine,” Content Boost’s Digital Content Editor Gerald Baldino certainly has a way with the written word. His right-brain mentality and creative thinking has helped him launch numerous successful content marketing campaigns for his clients. Dubbed “Saint Baldino” for his willingness to help other team members in need, Gerald is an independent author and publisher, and enjoys creating short fiction, poetry and visual art in his spare time. Gerald received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.