Reflections on My Summer Internship at Content Boost

shutterstock_262367099 (1)In the words of songwriter Eric Church, “Like a stone, time rolls on,” and after a great summer working for Content Boost, it’s time for me to be rolling on as well. I can honestly say it’s been a great learning experience and that I truly appreciate the opportunity I was given to work here and hone my writing skills.

If you are a perceptive and strategic writer and enjoy putting pen to paper, so to speak, I would highly recommend checking out this internship in the future. First and foremost, writing is just like any other skill: The only way to get really good is to practice. Working with Content Boost gave me the chance to write about five feature articles every day on a wide variety of topics.

Second, if you’re anything like me, most of the writing you’ve done in your life has been a solo endeavor: writing papers for school or maybe crafting your own blog. Writing becomes an entirely different venture in a team setting. You learn to coordinate your content production with the work of other writers and editors, and you develop time management and collaboration skills that you will need if you pursue writing as a career.

Finally, working with Content Boost has exposed me to business information I’d never before considered. At the beginning of this summer, I couldn’t have told you anything about VoIP systems or the Internet of Things, but now I’ve written dozens of articles about both of those topics. Working here will build your knowledge about not just technology, but the many industry verticals of Content Boost clients, such as banking, marketing and green initiatives—you name it.

In short, if writing in any capacity is something of interest to you, Content Boost’s internship is a tremendous opportunity. You’ll refine your writing technique, learn to write as a member of a team and be further exposed to the world of technology and other industries. I truly had a great summer. Thank you Content Boost!