Follow in DeNiro’s Footsteps! But Think ‘Intern,’ not ‘Actor’

Not that we’d mind a 70-year-old intern here at Content Boost, but we think Robert DeNiro probably has better things to do—like star in “The Intern,” a Nancy Meyers’ film production released this past weekend. While we haven’t yet had a senior citizen approach us for an internship, we welcome all takers who have a strong work ethic and an ambition to craft quality content.

Our summer interns ended their time with us just a short while ago, and we’re fresh on the hunt this fall for new quality replacements that can start immediately.


You should look to an internship with Content Boost if you love to craft and share stories online or in print. We will teach you how to create compelling content that will be shared on influential business websites, and you will learn everything there is to know about the evolving world of content marketing. You will work on projects that will help us and our client businesses grow. If you seek a fast-paced work environment, ours will provide plenty of stimulation and creative energy.

If you haven’t seen “The Intern” or interned before, let me clue you into what you can expect at Content Boost. I’ll start by sharing insights from a blog (click here to read story in full) written by our summer intern Andrew Bindelglass (Andrew now contributes content for us while he pursues an undergraduate degree from Tufts University in Boston).

If you are a perceptive and strategic writer and enjoy putting pen to paper, so to speak, I would highly recommend checking out this internship … First and foremost, writing is just like any other skill: The only way to get really good is to practice …

Second … Writing becomes an entirely different venture in a team setting. You learn to coordinate your content production with the work of other writers and editors, and you develop time management and collaboration skills.

Finally, working with Content Boost has exposed me to business information I’d never before considered. At the beginning of this summer, I couldn’t have told you anything about VoIP systems or the Internet of Things, but now I’ve written dozens of articles about both of those topics. Working here will build your knowledge about not just technology, but the many industry verticals of Content Boost clients, such as banking, marketing and green initiatives—you name it.

Join us! We won’t even ask that you imitate DeNiro in his role as intern Ben Whittaker, as there’s no tie required (or much of a dress code at all) and we certainly don’t anticipate that you’ll outdo our talented staff, even though Ben accomplishes some of that where he works. Hey, but if you’ve got the chivalry, loyalty and sympathy DeNiro displays as Ben, we won’t turn you away! And his hard work and trustworthiness would be as prized here as they would be anywhere.

That’s because those traits would easily fit in with our team-oriented approach to work. We collaborate to ensure our standards are embodied from desktop to desktop, and we support each others’ goals and workloads. You’ll be in contact with nearly everyone on our team as you rotate through dynamic projects.

We provide a positive, supportive learning environment to help you blossom as a writer, starting with a supervisor who will guide you toward successful assignment completion. We’ll be glad, too, to provide an evaluation of your internship here for school credit. While we don’t compensate you monetarily, we do impart skills and training that can take you far in your chosen career—even if that career is not writing. (Send your resume and cover letter to[email protected] if interested in gaining valuable experience as a Content Boost intern).

PegAfter spending seven years as an editor and supervisor at Gartner Inc., you could say that Peg Ventricelli—also known as Content Boost’s very own “grammar police”—knows her way around an AP Style Book. As Content Boost’s Quality Control Editor, Peg is the last set of eyes on content produced by our team of editors, and is tasked with redefining our standards of excellence in writing. Did we mention she holds writers workshops for the team (and they include pop quizzes!)? Drawing from her early days working local beats as a journalist, Peg is also a regular contributor to our corporate website. When she doesn’t have a red pen in her hand, she can be found employing her green thumb, traveling to the beaches of Maryland on the weekends, and biking around her hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.