Would Your Content Be Good in Bed?

girl-MEDIUM768680_1280What is good content? You know it; you’ve been lucky enough to read it most of your life. I believe it consists of three primary characteristics: It is engaging, fulfilling and strengthens relationships. Today’s leading content marketers incorporate these attributes into their brand messaging to drive consumer interest in their products and services. Otherwise, they’d be missing opportunities to connect with key targets in a meaningful way. And I couldn’t help but note that these same characteristics brought to bear in the bedroom would lead to successful outcomes there as well.

I’m hoping, therefore, that by stressing the similarities between successful content marketing and successful forays between the sheets, you will be inspired to infuse your brand messaging with quality content that your key targets can’t resist. In other words, by treating your existing and potential customers like lovers, giving them content both satisfying and compelling, they may become brand evangelists in no time.

Are you primed to meet your audience’s needs? Sweet nothings rolling off your tongue, rose petals leading up to the door, lights dimmed to create a soothing atmosphere … all of these romantic gestures are intended to heighten the sense of anticipation for paramours. When it comes to your content, do you know what will engage your audience? This would call for studying your existing and potential customers’ preferences and behaviors when it comes to making purchase decisions. Have you developed those all-important buyer personas to help pinpoint specific segments of your audience for personalized messaging? Then you could better ensure that your key targets would be excited to engage with you. Do you know your audience’s pain points? Are you aware of the current level of interest in your offerings among key targets? Does your audience favor a high-touch approach or just want to close the deal without a lot of fuss? Take the last question as an example. Before you write posts or emails with phrases like “We’ll work with you hand in hand” or “Let our team of experts walk you through the process,” wouldn’t it be nice to know whether that’s what your customer really wants?

Are you self-absorbed (not a giver)? Just as a “me” mentality detracts in the bedroom, overly sales-focused content takes the interest down a notch too. Are you selling yourself/your product rather than striving to give your partner/customer what he or she needs? Big mistake. Sure, you’re great; your product’s great. You and it would be a great catch. But the likely question on your intended’s lips may be, “So, what’s that got to do with me?” Instead, shower early-stage prospects with your knowledge of their needs, and late-stage prospects with customer testimonials and pricing sheets, for example. Whatever you do, don’t focus on your unique point of view. Differentiate your brand on the usefulness of the content you produce. Take a break from company-centric articles and social media posts and start producing authentic content by placing human emotion ahead of making a sale. Provide actionable insights and value-added tips to build trust and loyalty. And keep in mind that genuine passion is always appreciated.

Do you provide value? If time spent with your partner isn’t quality time, is it really worth the effort? Similarly, are your content contributions worthy of mention? What are your key differentiators? To capture interest and maintain it, you need to offer something of value that attracts attention. Don’t be ignored because you haven’t strategically put forth your best assets! If you’re not sure what these are, go back to the drawing board. Figure out everything you’re doing right so you don’t adjust the wrong components in your pitch. Meanwhile, are you making sure that your audience is aware of the value you offer? Don’t forget to generate interest by showcasing your talents. For businesses, that includes messaging like blog posts, case studies, e-books and emails. If you don’t have a clear-cut content marketing strategy in place, you’re swimming against the tide.

As Shakespeare wrote, “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.” I suggest you avoid engaging any bedfellows or customers until you’ve ensured you can answer the three questions listed above with a yes. Otherwise, you may indeed end up with a little misery—from a broken heart to a diminishing business!

PegAs with her writing and editing, Peg brings her finely honed attention to detail and her adherence to high-quality standards to bear in her role as managing editor of Content Boost. As team leader, she encourages her staff to strive for excellence in the copy they craft and in the relationships they forge with clients, striving for an optimal customer experience. She caught the marketing bug after seven years as an editor and supervisor at Gartner Inc., the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, and was drawn to the spirit and talent exhibited at Content Boost. Tracing back to her early days working local beats as a journalist, Peg consistently digs deep for insights that bring value to her writing. Outside the office, Peg loves to read when she’s not trying to keep up with her cycling buddies or the weeds in her garden. She can be found enjoying the local scene in her hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut.