Five Reasons Why Marketers Outsource Content Production

People often ask me why marketing departments hire third party content vendors to write business articles for their websites, blogs and social channels. Why not just keep the process in-house?

outsource-1345109_1280As I explained in a recent blog post, many marketers hate writing. Plain and simple. And even if you do love to write, it can be a huge hassle — especially when you have to do it week in and week out.

Here are five common reasons marketers outsource content: 

Ensure quality: You’re smart, and you have great ideas. But can you effectively consolidate your ideas into 500 word blog posts? A business blog isn’t a place to dump ideas randomly. A content producer will be able to take your ideas, and refine them into targeted posts that drive sales.

Outsourcing is also a way of protecting your in-house employees. You may, for instance, have someone on your team who you really want to feature on your blog. But can this person write well? And will he or she want to? By outsourcing to a third party vendor, you can leverage your experts’ ideas and make sure they are presented to the public in the best ways possible. Plus, you and your colleagues will get credit with bylines.

Gain a different perspective:  You spend enormous amounts of time thinking about your company and industry. In fact, you may be over-thinking things. Sometimes it’s important to talk with someone who can see the forest from the trees. A content producer is more than just a writer but also someone you can brainstorm ideas with.  He or she will provide a fresh perspective on your industry, and plenty of ideas to fuel innovation and business growth.

Do more with less: A third party content vendor can come in handy when you’re overworked and under-staffed, but lacking the spending room to hire full-time writers. Most vendors offer flexible packages that will align with your needs. For example, you could order anywhere from one blog per month to 10 or more blogs per week.

Avoid future headaches: Once you assume responsibility for your business’s blog, you’ll need to keep content rolling on a consistent schedule. Now imagine it’s 3 p.m. on a Thursday. You have a pile of work to get through, and no time to do it. And on top of it, you have a blog post to write. If you outsource, you will have custom content delivered right to your inbox.

Focus on more important things: Maintaining a blog and editorial calendar is more challenging than it looks, especially if you are syndicating content across multiple sites. By outsourcing content, you can focus on higher-level initiatives without having to worry about actually creating articles.

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