Top Three Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

It usually comes without warning, carrying the same air of desperation that comes when you suddenly experience an onset of insatiable hunger at 4 pm, right before that two-hour long work meeting. It has the same feeling of frustration that arrives when you can’t—no matter what—seem to run your 10K in under an hour. And it has that same feeling of regret like when you can’t close the sales deal, despite your most brilliant pitch.

shutterstock_110330690Ah… good ‘ole writer’s block. It’s undoubtedly one of the most crippling incidents that can happen to writers, marketers, journalists and creative people.

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Are You Encouraging a Two-Way Dialogue with Your Stakeholders?

Have you visited SocialMedia Examiner yet? If you are in the digital marketing space and have not yet done so, do yourself a favor and pay the site a visit. The “guide to the social media jungle” covers a variety of pertinent topics for marketers, from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to LinkedIn to the more broad-speaking “How on Earth do I weave social media into my content marketing strategy?”

Today’s top post, titled “26 Ways to Create Engaging Content” by Debbie Hemley could not be more dead on. Hemley explores the chief strategies for getting readers to engage with your copy—from injecting timely data to identifying keywords for optimization purposes to honing content objectives. My personal favorite? Encouraging a two-way conversation.

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