What’s in a Name? What’s in a Brand?

shutterstock_112457309Confession… I am having a bit of an identity crisis. Let me backtrack.

I have just come off of what can only be described as the best two weeks of my life. On October 26, in front of our beloved family and friends, a beautiful sunset and a birch wood, fall-colored altar, my husband and I (still so strange to say that!) said, “I do.” It was the beautiful culmination of five incredible years of dating, one long year of planning and countless well wishes over the last few months. And it truly was, as everyone predicted, the best day of my life.

That Saturday evening was electrifying—from the reading of our personal vows to our first dance to the cake cutting to the throwing of my bouquet. It was a whirlwind of emotions and one of those defining life events. Continue reading “What’s in a Name? What’s in a Brand?”

What ITEXPO’s StartupCamp Can Teach us about Content Marketing

We are just a little over 24 hours away from ITEXPO’s eighth annual StartupCamp and let me tell you… I am excited. StartupCamp is undoubtedly one of the highlights of TMC’s annual convention—of course aside from the incredible keynote speakers (Steve Wozniak anyone??) and the riveting breakout sessions. And that’s because it gives fledgling start-ups the chance to pitch their business concepts to a large audience of industry experts, media, investors and prospects. Think “Shark Tank” for the tech sector.

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