What ITEXPO’s StartupCamp Can Teach us about Content Marketing

We are just a little over 24 hours away from ITEXPO’s eighth annual StartupCamp and let me tell you… I am excited. StartupCamp is undoubtedly one of the highlights of TMC’s annual convention—of course aside from the incredible keynote speakers (Steve Wozniak anyone??) and the riveting breakout sessions. And that’s because it gives fledgling start-ups the chance to pitch their business concepts to a large audience of industry experts, media, investors and prospects. Think “Shark Tank” for the tech sector.

The presentations are awe-inspiring, the company innovations are impressive and the entire energy of the event is palpable. This year’s StartupCamp presenters include:

  • ALICE Receptionist
  • Perch
  • Perzo
  • TextGen

It’s also a great event that speaks to the importance of accurately conveying your company story and honing your brand identity. That’s because each company has just five minutes to pitch their solutions to the audience and judges. Simply put, you need to abandon the traditional sales pitches and hyperbolic statements and get straight to explaining your core competencies. And that’s the essence of content marketing. Don’t mince words, cut to the chase and organically tell your story.

So what could we potentially learn from this year’s presenters?

  • How to do a stellar job telling the story of your company
  • How to make a compelling case for your unique value proposition
  • How to clearly differentiate yourself from the other compettion
  • How to tell the story your target market wants to hear as opposed to the one you think they want to hear

Every marketer that’s in the room can learn something from this year’s StartupCamp participants—namely the importance of having a content strategy that spans multiple communications platforms and is intrinsically connected to your brand. Your story matters. And the way in which you communicate that tale is equally as important.

So for those of you who are fortunate enough to be at the eighth annual event this Tuesday, August 27, take note. In addition to paying attention to which technological innovation could be the next best thing, take note of those speakers who have an uncanny ability to discuss their value proposition and bring their brand identity to life. Take note of those who can you can learn from. And figure out how you can bring their tactics to your business.