Employee Spotlight: Five Minutes with Content Producer, Mark Lugris

IMG_4687It’s hard to believe we at Content Boost were able to get our hands on this globetrotter. After working as journalist and editor in Connecticut, in 2000, Content Boost Content Producer Mark Lugris moved to Spain to start his own communications company, which published a travel magazine for German and English speaking tourists (impressive right!?).

His company also developed communication, marketing and translation projects with multinational corporations such as IBM, Coca-Cola, MSC, Loewe and Allianz Insurance.

“My time in Spain and Switzerland presented an incredible opportunity to work with major multinational companies in order to fulfill their marketing and communications objectives,” Mark said. “One of the most important lessons I learned from this experience was how language elicits a singular response in different cultures. Being aware of the cultural and linguistic perspectives of each client is vital to developing an effective and affecting campaign strategy.”

When he returned to the States a few months ago, we knew we had to reel in this seasoned marketer. Learn more about Mark in our five minute catch-up… Continue reading “Employee Spotlight: Five Minutes with Content Producer, Mark Lugris”

Super Bowl 2015: The Marketing Winners and Losers

I’ll be honest, I don’t care much for football. Sit me in front of a basketball or baseball game and I’m all in—but football… eh. However, as a marketer, I absolutely love the Super Bowl. After all, what’s not to love when your career centers upon branding strategy and marketing messages? It’s perhaps the one time of year that the best marketing campaigns stream across our television sets (and sometimes some utterly horrible ones). So here’s a look at the true winners and losers of this year’s game:

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Don’t Expect to Find This New PepsiCo Product in Retail Stores Any Time Soon

The battle for consumer attention in the e-commerce food and beverage market is starting to heat up.

shutterstock_171962345Coca-Cola, for instance, recently made headlines when the company re-introduced its widely popular Surge soft drink back onto the market after well over a decade of discontinuation. First introduced in 1996, this beverage was pulled off of shelves after only a few years. Now, after much petitioning, the beverage is back. But there is a twist—it’s being sold exclusively online. Continue reading “Don’t Expect to Find This New PepsiCo Product in Retail Stores Any Time Soon”

Content Marketing Scores in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

displaymedia (2)The 2014 FIFA World Cup is well underway. Thousands have flocked to San Paulo, Brazil to cheer on their home team. From memorable upsets to unforgettable goals, the world’s largest sporting event has not disappointed fans or corporate sponsors. This year’s World Cup is expected to generate four billion dollars in total revenue for FIFA—66 percent more than the 2010’s tournament in South Africa.

The majority of the revenue will come from—yep, you guessed it—television (1.7 billion dollars) and marketing rights (1.35 billion dollars) from corporate partners such as Coca-Cola, Sony, Visa, and Hyundai. For these companies, it’s money well spent as the tournament draws a massive, passionate following from all over the globe. Successful campaigns have picked up on the emotional appeal that viewers have come to love. Continue reading “Content Marketing Scores in the 2014 FIFA World Cup”

Need Content Marketing Inspiration? Look Around You

shutterstock_161159720As a marketer, we search for inspiration any place we can find it—at our daughter’s dance recital, on the train commuting to work, in line at CVS waiting to check out… the world is full of marketing inspiration. And it often comes when we least expect it.

We are officially at the halfway point of the year, meaning exhaustion and creative blockages are at an all-time high. You may be out of ideas for your blogging platform; you may be struggling with the motivation to finish that white paper; and you may be fearful that your innovation engine is starting to run on empty. So what’s a marketer to do? It’s time to learn from your surroundings. And here’s how to do it:

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Fearful of Getting Shot Down By the Boss? Why Jan. Will Get You The ‘Yes’ to Content Marketing

blog picAre you having an inner debate right now? Is the entrepreneur in you telling you to steal 30-minutes with your boss to delineate the reasons content marketing has to make it into the budget for 2014? Meanwhile, is your inner three-year-old cowering in your boots afraid that your boss does not want to hear from you and will immediately squash your content marketing dreams?

Though it sounds scary, now is the time to silence the latter voice and trust the first one.

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Content Marketing World Keynoter Warns, ‘Brands are in Trouble’

2013-09-11_09-11-13_914It’s no small feat to deliver the keynote presentation at a convention at 8:30 am, especially when participants have attended a bopping House of Blues party just hours before. But Don E. Schultz, professor emeritus-in-service at Northwestern University, certainly knew what he was up against when he took the microphone at Content Marketing World this morning.

“I’ve been doing this for a long time, and one of the things I’ve learned is that if you are the speaker on day two, there are three things you have to be careful of: talk softly as many people have some kind of chemical imbalance in their system; avoid any loud noises; and don’t wake them up. If you accomplish this then they will think you have done a hell of a job,” he explained, eliciting a round of laughter from the packed room.

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See You at Content Marketing World!

I’ve definitely caught the Content Marketing World bug. 10,000 miles above ground on the way to Cleveland for the content marketing event of the year, I can’t help but smile and think about all the awe-inspiring speeches I will hear later today—from actor and author William Shatner to Coca-Cola’s Global Creative Vision Manager Jonathan Mildenhall (you all know how I feel about Coke!) to the Hershey Company’s Senior Manager Martin Baker.

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A Brand Above the Rest?

Here at Content Boost we are constantly lending our best tips and tricks to our clients, giving them the fuel they need for their engines to drive their content marketing strategies down unprecedented paths.  One tidbit we share often? Not only do you need to leverage social media, but you need to do so  wisely.

This can mean a few things. First, it can mean choosing the right platform to share your story. No, Twitter is not for everyone. Nor is Pinterest. The key is to determine your audience, figure out what social platforms they utilize and then adopt a social presence in these areas.

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