A Look Back at My First ITEXPO

My first instinct was to call this post, “Everything I learned at My First ITEXPO,” but I quickly realized that touching on all the information I took in during our trip to Las Vegas would likely require 10,000 words. (Quick reminder, Content Boost’s parent company TMC sponsors ITEXPO, a biannual trade show in Miami and Vegas each year.)

So rather than try to recap four whirlwind days, I figured I’d instead touch on some of the highlights. To help me better organize my thoughts—I’m still catching up on sleep—I broke my ITEXPO education into categories:



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ITEXPO 2014 Editor’s Day: Brand Strategy at its Best

shutterstock_161159720We are just a few hours into ITEXPO 2014 in sunny Miami Beach and the energy and electricity here at the convention center is truly palpable. Attendees are starting to pour in for a number of conference events; TMC staffers are running around putting the finishing touches in place for what will be another bleeding-edge technology event; and dozens upon dozens of C-suite officials and leading company executives are making their way to the convention center to participate in Editor’s Day.

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What ITEXPO’s StartupCamp Can Teach us about Content Marketing

We are just a little over 24 hours away from ITEXPO’s eighth annual StartupCamp and let me tell you… I am excited. StartupCamp is undoubtedly one of the highlights of TMC’s annual convention—of course aside from the incredible keynote speakers (Steve Wozniak anyone??) and the riveting breakout sessions. And that’s because it gives fledgling start-ups the chance to pitch their business concepts to a large audience of industry experts, media, investors and prospects. Think “Shark Tank” for the tech sector.

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