How Publishers Deal With Marketers Who Produce Content


If you want examples of companies producing their own content look no further than this post from which discusses how media companies are adapting to a world where marketers become publishers. Some companies mentioned are Cisco, Intel and Red Bull. TMC CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief even detailed how President Obama and his team are content-creation machines.

Here is a salient excerpt from Churbuck:

Digital marketing is all about the content that a marketer pushes through the distribution channels available. YouTube for corporate video. Tweets, Facebook pages … this stuff demands a steady supply of fresh content and getting that content from an agency or third party is like trying to perform surgery in a haz-mat suit with robotic arms. Why depend on a third party when you can own the capability internally?

The article further delves into the ethics and pros and cons of media companies getting into the sponsored content business.

To us though it seems these are minor issues which will work themselves out as every website competes with every other one to provide the best content possible in order to get the most traffic, thought leadership gravitas and leads. Moreover, we believe content creation is even more important for smaller companies looking to compete with the “big” guys on a more level playing field. Research shows this trend will show no sign of slowing and content will continue to become one of the most strategic marketing budgets for just about every company that blogs, has newsletters or wants to attract a large audience in order to amplify their sales.