Just Jump!

The palms of both of my hands are sweaty, my heart is pumping 200 liters of blood through my veins per minute, my blood shot eyes are getting teary and my left toe is twitching.  I suddenly have that panic moment. But it is too late the plane has taken off… literally.

Some people say they will never go through with it. Others opt out after watching too many freak accidents. There are those who just don’t have the time for it or interest. Then there are the few who welcome jumping out of a shaky, musty, fear-inducing plane flying 15,000 feet in the air.

I was part of that latter group.  I say ‘was’ because there would be no way I would ever do something like skydiving today. This was a different time in my life. A time when the biggest monthly bill I had was for my beeper. I was young and worry-free. Not a care in the world.

I’m not as eager as I once was to sift through an encyclopedia of disclaimers and sign my life away at the very end in a crowded bus full of eager kids.  I don’t particularly fancy the idea that another grown man would be strapped really snugly behind me for a total of about 20 minutes.  Sixteen years later I don’t really want to slowly count $350 worth of hard earned cash and give it away.

But, after reading through the website’s FAQ section today, I have to admit, it sparked my interest. If I ever wanted to reach speeds of 120 mph, all I would have to do is call the number on my screen or click on their hyperlink to contact someone who would get me pumped up to go. That’s it. Very easy. Multiple calls to action combined with large font and easy to read articles and testimonials. That’s what it took to captivate me once again after I vowed never to skydive again.

Jumping out of a moving airplane can be like jumping out of an old marketing way and embracing content marketing. To some, it is a leap into the unknown. Like skydiving, there are costs associated with it and it can be overwhelming at first. But, unlike skydiving, there is no danger what so ever. It is quite the opposite. Embrace content marketing and it will take your website, your message and your readers to new heights. Team up with the right content creators and they will become an extension of you.  They will push your messages and cheer for you when your return on investing in them proves to be very fruitful.  Jump out of the overused, outdated, regurgitated ways and your company, and watch your image and your profits change for the better.

Much like the skydiving website made me re-think something I never thought I would do again, your content can be powerful enough to attract those who wouldn’t otherwise think of using your product or service. Don’t wait for this plane to take off without you. Get on board with content marketing and pump your articles full of adrenaline and watch them have a lasting impact on whoever reads them.

Some people say they will never go through with it. Others opt out after deciding to walk on the surest path. There are those who just don’t have the time for it or interest. Then there are the few, individuals like you and me, that welcome jumping out of a shaky, musty, marketing rut and take the leap.

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