Allstate Drama!

More and more consumers are shifting their attention to online forms of advertisements. With less people actually sitting through TV commercials, marketers have a tough time getting their message across to the masses.

So, like any smart business would do… you either adapt or die.

Allstate has applied this motto and has gone forward and developed a series of teen drama episodes that can be viewed over the Internet. The series is broken up into various episodes and takes various everyday scenarios such as driving to school, teen parties, even running errands and how they can turn dangerous if the driver is not careful. It highlights the worry parents have as their teenage kids start driving and deals with peer pressure and how it can affect driving judgment. It is full of teenage drama and their volatile stressors in life which can seem trivial to adults but can really alter the way they operate a vehicle.

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Do you Know the Length of Your Audience’s Attention Span?

The length of one’s attention has a lot to do with age. Think about it… if you give a 10 month old a red plastic block to play with, he will taste it, feel it, and even throw it. The block grabs his attention for a few minutes at least. If you give the same block to a 10 year old, however, he will just throw it at you within seconds!  Chances are the pre-teen already knows the texture, understand not to eat it and won’t give it a second thought.

Does the same hold true for adults?

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Wake Up!

We have all felt that moment during the work day at some point in our professional careers where we absolutely have to pull deep from within to keep our eyes open; we have all been so sleepy that it hurts. A variety of life events can be the reason for such daze including an all-nighter with a new born, staying up to watch the last inning, or perhaps just being under the weather.

Reasonable solutions to this sleepy state include pulling ourselves from our computer screens, getting up for a cup of coffee, splashing cold water on our faces, getting fresh air into our lungs, starting a conversation with a co-worker or even beginning a conversation with one’s self!  It definitely helps to reset our thoughts and refresh our bodies so that we can power through the rest of the work day. After all, talking to your self is better than doing a keyboard face plant and being caught sleeping on the job in the middle of the day oftentimes doesn’t go over well.

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Don’t Forget The Sauce!

You have your shiny shoes on, crisp shirt freshly pressed, nice slacks and funky belt. She has on her silky dress, her shiny shoes and her swanky purse. You heard about a great new Italian restaurant owned by that famous TV chef and are anticipating experiencing what everyone is talking about. The talk of the town is their special; a must-have on the menu.  The critics have raved about it all week. As you walk up to the restaurant it is pulsing with energy.

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Everyone Needs a Friend

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

If you are an ‘80’s baby, you definitely know this quote because the person associated with it was as soothing as a warm fuzzy blanket and those footy pajamas we all used to wear. “The Joy of Painting” was on PBS and was a hit for more than a decade. Well not really a hit for today’s TV standards, but definitely a great educational show.

“Gotta give him a friend. Like I always say ‘everyone needs a friend,’” Bob Ross would say as he paired a tall green lazy tree next to a lonely bush.

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Fresh Content! That’s the ticket!

A parking ticket is like a mosquito bite.  It’s annoying, it itches, it lingers and it leaves a scab, or a dent in your wallet, if you scratch too much.  The funny thing is if you ignore the itch and don’t scratch it, the mosquito bite fades away pretty quickly. Summer is coming; you should try it.

The problem with a parking ticket is if you ignore the ticket, it will definitely not fade away.

Fast forward to six months after ignoring my ticket. I now have a $100 dollar fine and am standing in a line with 170 other people that decided to also ignore their ticket.  We are all facing the same direction and have that blank stare of desperation as if a guillotine was waiting to take us out of this misery. I look around after the mullet of the guy in front of me stops being hilarious and notice that the walls of the courthouse are chipping, the smell is musty, the area is dark and gloomy and the officers look bored out of their mind.  It is nine in the morning on a Tuesday and the ticket booth is open but the courtroom has yet to open its doors.

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Squeaky Clean Content

My monthly car wash ritual is the same every time. I plan for the entire process to take 20 minutes tops, in and out. After the interior vacuuming is said and done and the wet wipe is quickly applied to the interior, the half way mark is purchasing the “new car” scented tree.  The final part is easy; just pull up to the grumpy underpaid worker holding an insane amount of dollar bills, pay and tip him and I’m out.  Seems simple right?Not today. A new overly energetic college kid jumped in front of my car and skipped his way to my window to immediately inform me of the four choices they now offer. The ultimate wash (guaranteed for seven days!); the wheel blaster wash; the clear coat application wash; and the rust protector wash (or the basic water and soap wash).

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Look Ma No Hands! The Power of Trying New Tricks with Marketing

There was an awesome trick I used to do with my BMX buddies when I was a kid where I would balance—hands free—down a hill on the main frame of the bike. It had no particular name like the “bunny hop,” an “endow,” or a “wheelie,” but it was the scariest thing ever, especially since it entailed not falling and breaking your face, among other body parts. It’s no real surprise that all the kids in the neighborhood placed bets on who would most likely wipe out.I did eventually join the ranks of the few kids who made it the entire way down the hill without falling.  This of course didn’t happen over-night. I set a goal and did not stop until I made it. Every Saturday we would try the stunt and every Saturday there would be broken teeth, twisted ankles and someone who would sprint home in shame after chickening out at the top of the hill.  This was a huge no-no especially since the neighborhood girls would be watching.

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Pack a Harder Punch with an Infographic

I usually take a trip up to Fairfield to see my mother at least once every week. It is not on a particular day. It is usually spontaneous and it can very well be a Monday night or Sunday all day. The one thing that stays constant is her favorite TV station ‘Caracol TV.  It is full of news, soap operas, comedies, reality TV, singing competitions and the Colombian version of “Judge Judy.”  It is an all encompassing station covering everything under the sun including politics, religion and, of course, sports.

Saying that she loves her Colombian TV station is definitely an understatement. It’s on when she cooks, cleans, and even sleeps. It’s even on when she isn’t home!  So when I go to her house I dare not turn the thing off; there is a chance I could miss a monumental occurrence in our native country. I do, however, turn the volume down a bit as I decompress in her soft leather recliner.

I don’t particularly pay attention to the programs that run during my visit but having a background in TV post production I do pay attention to the commercials, of all things. In former roles, I wrote hundreds of on-air promos and even hired voice-over actors depending on the company’s production schedule. So for me it is something that I naturally have a pretty good ear for.  I have noticed that during the commercial breaks her station uses the same voice-over actor. It doesn’t matter what the commercial is about. It’s always the same guy. His voice is smooth, monotonous and deep. It’s not a quick sell, and it isn’t overly “car salesman” hyped up nonsense. It’s instead like an older uncle talking through the television set. These types of commercials are significantly different from American television commercials, where there are way more graphics, color, volume, hype and a call to action in every other breath. So which is more effective?

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Are you a Bird Brain?

Some birds are so hard headed that when they spot a window and see their reflection, they keep ramming into the window over and over again. They will only stop to land on their feet or their back, fly back around to the starting point, flap their wings, gain speed and ‘thwap’ smash full speed into the same window all over again. They continue this from dusk when light first finds its way until dawn when the light slowly fades the mirrored image from the same window.

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