A “Pin” Says A Thousand Words

When Pinterest exploded onto the scene a few short years ago, users instantly became hooked – I know I did. I submitted my request to join and eagerly waited for the confirmation to hit my inbox. I was, and still am, easily sucked into the site for longer periods of time than I’d like to admit.

The premise of the site is quite simple: you “pin” images you like from other sites —from tablets to wedding dresses to sporting equipment—to have a central location of items you want to revisit for later use. You can also re-pin images that other users have posted and follow other users. So why has the site seen so much popularity and growth over the last few years?

PinterestWe have become increasingly drawn to images over text. With a Pinterest board, you find a beautifully visual display instead of a slew of words that blend together. Let’s compare the Pinterest to Twitter – a primarily text-based platform. An average user will spend 36 minutes on Twitter, chatting with friends, reading the latest headlines, or promoting their business. Seems like a lot? Get ready for this next stat. An average Pinterest user will spend 1 hour and 17 minutes on Pinterest.

Pinterest clearly has a way of grabbing the attention of its users, and many businesses now are relying on it to help them sell product. How do you know if your business can benefit?

  • Does your brand have very visual content like photos, videos, infographics, art, etc? If you answered yes, you should be on Pinterest. The site is built entirely off of this type of content.
  • Does your brand appeal to “lifestyle” audiences like home decorating, cooking, fashion, crafting, entertainment, or gardening? If you answered yes, you should be on Pinterest. These tend to resonate best with the community.
  • Does your brand appeal to women? If you answered yes, you should be on Pinterest – 79% of users are female.

Pinterest isn’t a great fit for every business, but if you fit into the categories outlined, it’s certainly worth exploring. Just try not to get side tracked for 1 hour and 17 minutes.