What Inspires You? Memorial Day Traffic Lines?

shutterstock_118633888There’s nothing worse than hitting traffic on your way home, following a chaotic, nightmarish-type of day.  After all, you are tired and hungry, debating whether you have any sort of energy left to head to the gym and all you can do is stare at the bumper in front of you.

Well yesterday, the traffic got to me. I may only live 6.1 miles from work but even I had had enough of staring at “Baby on Board” and “If You Can Read This, You are Following Too Close” stickers. So I did what any true New Yorker does and made friends with the shoulder lane until I found the exit.

I soon found myself driving through a familiar town—though a neighborhood I am not that familiar with—when all of a sudden I watched as the double yellow line on the road turned to red, white blue. Excited to see how far it would go, I kept following it and soon the road was lined with countless American flags. I was so keyed up about this display of patriotism—and COMPLETLEY oblivious to the fact that Monday is Memorial Day—that I kept waiting for the “aha” moment. For the huge sign teasing the upcoming July 4 play. For the billboard with some witty slogan about being proud to be an American. For the undoubtedly creative display of marketing at its best.

While I am sad to say this did not lead to some climatic “Oh my gosh, that was great marketing!” moment, it did get me thinking.

Humans, by nature, are an incredibly inquisitive, wondering, thoughtful bunch. We see things that excite us—from a painted double line to a catchy commercial to an engaging Facebook cover photo to a riveting blog about how to lose weight this summer—and we instantly want to know more.

As marketers, your job is to capitalize on this emotion… every single day. Think about what made you go into your field in the first place. Did you want to learn more about why private cloud can enhance security for your large enterprise? Or perhaps you were really interested in the formula that goes into airbrush spray tanning. Maybe you wanted to know more about how quality control processes ensure that children’s toys are safe so that they do not have to be recalled. No matter your industry, something unquestionably piqued your interest and made you want to know more.

You now need to tap into that part of your brain once again.

Think like a consumer—not a marketer. Think about what will get your consumer to stop in their tracks (or their car) to wonder about what they are seeing, reading or hearing. Getting your consumer to stop and think is the first step to lead generation. And we all know lead generation leads to big bucks.

We at Content Boost understand your pain point. It can be SO difficult to constantly think of original content for your blog or fresh graphic ideas for your marketing materials or innovative slogans for social media. And you are not alone. According to a Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs study, 64 percent of small businesses and 53 percent of enterprise businesses note that producing enough content is a content marketing challenge they currently face.  Simply put, companies can’t produce enough content because they are stumped when it comes to generating new ideas for their content marketing projects.

So, as we approach the long weekend—and hopefully actually have time on our hands—go for a drive. Talk a walk. Read a book. Discover what gets your brain going. Realize what inspires you. Then bring it back to your marketing plans.

Human beings are wonderfully complex creatures who respond to the weirdest of things; apparently for me it’s a red, white and blue road line that stops me in my tracks and gets my creative juices going. Figure out how to take that moment that stops you in your tracks and turn it into your next big content marketing venture.