Fashion Brands and Instagram: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

instaBefore there was Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, fashion fanatics had to score a ticket to Fashion Week and sneak behind the forbidden curtains in hopes of getting a glimpse of their favorite designers. Today, however, is a different story. From Burberry to Micheal Kors to Bergdorfs, retail companies are giving customers an all-access pass into the world of design. And let me tell you, it’s even more fabulous than you imagined!

While a sense of whimsy and exclusivity works well for the fashion industry, companies are looking for new ways to build brand awareness, loyalty and connect with consumers. It’s no surprise that fashion companies have turned to the mobile photo-sharing app Instagram to connect with customers and promote their brand; after all, it’s the perfect platform to display photos and videos.

Instagram recently unveiled a new video feature that lets users upload a 15-second video similar to the uber-popular video sharing app Vine. With this new offering, fashion brands will be able to share clips of runway shows, photo shoots or short interviews with designers. The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to see what companies have in store (pun intended). U.K. retailer, Topshop quickly took advantage of the new video feature uploading several videos of inside and outside the store.


Brands can even create an Instagram campaign asking fellow instagramers to upload a photo of their favorite look with a specific hashtag. Not only does this create brand awareness, but it also directly engages with customers. Online retailer, Asos recently asked customers to upload a photo of their favorite festival looks with the hashtag #ASOSLoves.


Whether it’s a daily dose of fashion inspiration, a sneak peak at next season’s line, or a behind the scenes look on set, consumers have unprecedented access to what used to be just a name behind the label. However, brands should be careful not to give too much away or flood users accounts with merchandise pictures as it might start to feel like flipping through a Sears catalogue. Fashion tastemakers would be wise to take a cue from expert- instagramers Topshop and Asos.

Finding the right platform to engage with customers is the key to successful content marketing. For the fashion industry, a visual platform like Instagram is the perfect avenue. Now it’s up to you to decide which social network or app is best for your company!

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