Do Your Customers Have Abandonment Issues?

abdandonI once followed a blog religiously, checking it every day for fresh content. At first it was great; every afternoon I would check the blog for my daily dose of content, but then something awful happened. It was a typical day around noon when I normally checked by beloved blog, but this time there wasn’t a new post. I chocked it up to a one-time thing, but when I checked the next day and the next day—nothing new. I suddenly felt abandoned.  Did this person forget about me, why weren’t they posting?

Long story short, I got over my abandonment issues and found another blog to fill my daily fix. The lesson of my sad story is clear: while quality content may be king, consistency is queen.  In fact, 92 percent of blog users who posted multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog, according to HubSpot’s 2012 State of Inbound Marketing report.

Let’s face it: no one likes a stale loaf of bread and your customers sure don’t like content that’s been sitting out for weeks. Your communication platforms say a lot about your brand. No one likes to visit a blog or social media page only to see that the last post was made in July 2010. This tells your customers that you’re not engaged in your respective space, that you don’t have anything to bring to the table, or that you simply don’t care.

According to data, 60 percent of businesses currently have a blog; however a staggering 65 percent haven’t updated it in one year or more. But you’re better than that.

The key to keeping things fresh is creating a content schedule or editorial calendar outlining the process and method in which you will develop and disperse content. This will help make sure that you’re keeping each communication channel filled with up-to-date content. Not only does keeping  your blog and social media channels fresh increase customer engagement, but it also leads to higher conversion and  customer acquisition rates.

Whether it’s your company blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram account, posting fresh content daily is the key to maintaining engagement. After all, you’re only as good as your last blog, post or picture.

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