Why Every Industry Needs Content Marketing

I was recently walking through a pet store, when I happened to stop to look at a tank of rare Japanese Snapping Shrimp. Noticing my perplexed expression, an attendant walked over and asked if I had any questions about the rare bottom-dwelling specimen.

It was while the attendant was explaining how the Japanese Snapping Shrimp could easily be confused with a Mantis Shrimp due to the sound it makes when its pincher opens and closes that it hit me: I had a ton of questions. In fact, I could not tell you anything about shrimp. And in the process, I realized a critical thing: content marketing can be used in absolutely every industry.

Heterocarpus_ensiferThink of a consumer, as he or she trolls across the Internet like a wide-eyed consumer in a pet store. Occasionally, prospects will stop and poke around a website before moving on to another in search of whatever they are looking for. In the process, consumers will constantly be asking questions and clicking for more answers.

Consider this, though: when a consumer has a question, your website better be ready to answer it. It is important to think of whether you can provide answers to common questions, or if Wikipedia will have to do the work for you. Chances are while Wikipedia might be able to provide an answer, it might not be correct. Further, it will not help to sell your product or service. Even worse, your competitors who are already up on the content marketing game might be waiting to snatch this customer up—just like the rival pet store down the street.

Therefore, whether you are in the business of selling crustaceans or cacti, car tires or winter jackets it does not matter. Content marketing is like the attendant in the store that your website’s visitors will be able to rely on. At the end of the day, it’s just a big game of questions and answers. Ultimately, the website with the best content will be able to better serve customers.

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